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Writing is therapeutic and it’s a free stress reliever – Roselyn

Tell me, why are you writing?

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Surprises are always unexpected!

Out of the blue we were given financial assistance by our kindest company, relief goods and even offered free consultations to help us process the wrath of typhoon Odette.. The depression that we also felt as our neighborhood suffers.. was bad.. Yet, we cheered up! Coz we knew that we’re being taken cared of. SomeoneContinue reading “Surprises are always unexpected!”

Look at the BIG Picture

“Look at the BIG Picture.” That’s what my economics teacher always reminded us. At first, I did not understand, I didn’t understand what he meant. He just want us to look at the big picture and I guess I am slowly getting it and I will apply my understanding with Odette PH. After Odette PH,Continue reading “Look at the BIG Picture”

Cycle of life

Oddette PH helped me accept the cycle of life. “As long as there is life, life goes on.” Last leaves gone but as long as the roots are attached to the soil, it will grow baby leaves until it’s time for them to fall off either by another typhoon or people trimming it off, etc.Continue reading “Cycle of life”

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