A spec of dust within the galaxy 🥳

Writing is therapeutic and it’s a free stress reliever – Roselyn

Tell me, why are you writing?

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You can do it

Sometimes, doubts are blocking my way. Sometimes, doubts are shaking my self worth. Sometimes, circumstances puts you in a situation where you questioned your self belief and self trust. Just remember this, “You Can Do It!” Don’t let people decide who you are, because that’s what they think you are. Don’t let people or anything,Continue reading “You can do it”

You Deserve Better

If it won’t work this way, focus on the other way . Life will test your abilities, not to push you down, but to help you realize your potential; what you can do. It is how magic work. If you put yourself in a live or die situation, then you choose to live, your superContinue reading “You Deserve Better”

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