A spec of dust within the galaxy 🥳

Writing is therapeutic and it’s a free stress reliever – Roselyn

Tell me, why are you writing?

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It all make sense now

Life could have been a doomed black-hole, without music it doesn’t make sense. When I see it’s all connected, I got goosebumps, it took away my guilt; it isn’t all my fault, I just need tuning. Without music, life was all the same; black and while like it’s nothing;when you started playing, colors gets in.Continue reading “It all make sense now”

Just Give It A try

I went on my own, I followed the crowd but I finished alone. Met new friends, some aren’t real, some doesn’t care. Had a great experience, life is amazing, go ahead, try living. I wonder where I came from, woke up in a middle of green woods. No father, no mother, just people around, whereContinue reading “Just Give It A try”

Father’s Love

The urge to fill the void, of a father’s love that’s being deprived. This daughter, seeks for vengeance, something she deserves. Why on earth does he have to fall, down into the dirty pool. When we are left unaided, he was stocked in someone’s pit. Now have you come back, not to love, but toContinue reading “Father’s Love”

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