A spec of dust within the galaxy, who wants to shine in her 30’s 🥳

Someone believed I can; I laughed, but in the end, they’re all right. – Roselyn

Magic, works, only to those who believed. Surround yourself with people who believed in you!

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This is how you upgrade your life

When I was a child, I had a father who’s always leaving me behind. He’s always gone and I’m always seeking for his attention. Everytime I asked of him to stay and wait outside our ugly comfort-room, he would answer me with an angry voice, he’s always like that. I feel like I’m always unwanted.…

How change changed you?

Change is something that helps us all grow into someone skillful, confident, ambitious and most of all successful. Now it’s not gonna be easy if you want immediate result, but if you want great results, you must learn it slowly. Taking one step at a time, and being consistent with it just like running a…

How to be resilient in stressful situation

Today, I was lost; well, I feel like I was lost, I couldn’t find my team anywhere. I kept on going back and forth; I think the people there were wondering. I’m so sorry, but I have totally lost them. I walked away because I got disappointed and I lost my focus; it’s hard to…

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