My Solo Trip at Cebu Happy Museum in Cordova

I am working on getting out from my comfort zone challenge and this is the 8th time I believe, I still have to check it out. So yesterday, Sunday morning, I woke up and dance a little. I had to post it at FB just for fun and fb partially muted it due copyright issue.…More

Narcissistic Mother

Oh well, this is so true for me! Thanks Doc. My mother is so like that and I’m so scared I might become. I am full of shame with my truth and how she treated me, but she still have the guts to question what I know about her. I can still remember how she…More

Honest Review About The Blue Hole in Tuburan

I guess this prose will suffice. It’s best to describe it with feelings. I left you breathless, in owe of your beauty. You are called spring of hope, I guess because of your velocity. No matter how I tried to push myself down, you still push me up. You’re such a magical place, that’s maybe…More

Our trip to Maravilla Beach Plus + Blue Hole in Tuburan

We came home safe and healthy; happy and very thankful and grateful. I went to the church lighting candles, thanking for the well spent vacation and keeping us safe no matter how we almost crushed two cars on our way back. Our bus driver drove so fast, though I kinda liked it. Hehe. Me and…More

Comparison vs Self Acceptance and Self Love + Self Support

Disapproval hurts, but you can mend it. It can break your self esteem or it can make you a record breaker. Just like how Suga Parents disapproval of his interest in music. But look at them now, breaking records after records. So disapproval isn’t really a hindrance to your success. It is your choice that…More

My time will come

I attended the Sunday Mass and I am so happy to have heard that my college classmate is going to get married. Once again, it was announced to the public and that was the 2nd time I heard one of my college classmates being scheduled to get married. I am so happy for them. One…More

Being your true self

It’s clear to me now. It is clear to me how different my life is when I am being with the real people. Real people is happy to be with. They believe in you and your abilities. Most importantly, they trusted you. No sense of doubts as long as you’re honest with them. In short,…More

Happy Weekend! Looking at the good side

It’s weekend! Finally, I can unwind and feel free from the weekdays. I must make every weekend memorable and enjoyable! I am so thankful and grateful no matter what. I must learn to see the bright side of me to continue to feel good and do good. I remember the last time I focused on…More

Getting out from my comfort zone #8! Meeting new people

I have committed myself to do things I haven’t done before or anything that I haven’t mastered yet. If I want to make friends and be able to socialize a bit, then I must come out and let go of my fear while keeping my guard up. We can still enjoy even if we’re careful,…More


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