Always in my mind

I have been thinking of buying this book but for some reasons I am delaying it. Always in my mind, now it’s mine. Life is a beautiful mystery, full of wants and needs. It needs motivation just like how plants needs water in order to grow. The Universe have been so kind to me thatContinue reading “Always in my mind”

Try Smiling Meditation, it’s funny

I had this idea awhile back? But I procrastinated because it sounds so weird and crazy that I didn’t even try. But then I realized that being crazily funny is actually healthy than being crazily aggressive. So if it makes you laugh genuinely, like it’s the funniest thing in the world, simply do it. IContinue reading “Try Smiling Meditation, it’s funny”

Just do it

We went to Anjo world for the second time! My goal was to experience Gliding in the ice inside the Snow world. There were bad revie hiws but it doesn’t matter to me because it is my goal and it is the experience that counts. I still went. Despite the fact that I’ll have toContinue reading “Just do it”

I found the love ๐Ÿ’•

It is when you’re not thinking, and just feeling; yet it makes you smile, happy and contented. It is healing, it is loving, it is kind, it is friendly; and most importantly, it is gentle and understanding. It’s when you allow love to come to you, that it will. It is when you do notContinue reading “I found the love ๐Ÿ’•”

A heart that sees ๐Ÿ‘Œ

My mind hassling, I have to act blind. Someone will know about my obsessions, its embarrassment is unbearable. Please do something to heal this wound. This heart longs, longing for attention. Yet I’m just right here trying to be seen. I just stay away, far from me; coz I’m complete anyway. My heart sees you,Continue reading “A heart that sees ๐Ÿ‘Œ”

Back to you, self๐Ÿ’—

I’m not sure what this is, but people ain’t have time for me, I’m happy because I finally have time for me. Life is an adventure, love is spice that makes it feel even more exciting. To go on your own is brave but to be with someone is the bravest. It felt unsafe toContinue reading “Back to you, self๐Ÿ’—”

Compete to have fun, collaborate to grow

I have been thinking, why not write a topic regarding this thought. It keeps on repeating and I like to dig deeper, learn more and understand its greatness. “Compete to have fun, collaborate to grow” is a goal that I’d like to see. I think that when you are in a group of people, whetherContinue reading “Compete to have fun, collaborate to grow”

Cebu, Mactan’s Free-Diving Pool Practice

When I pushed myself towards the bottom of the pool, I feel myself being able to free-dive. If we pushed ourselves, everyone can do the thing we thought was impossible. I never thought I could dive. But I tried for the sake of having a good video taken. I guess, it really got me motivated.Continue reading “Cebu, Mactan’s Free-Diving Pool Practice”

Tuning In

Good words, when spoken with the right tone of voice becomes powerful; but if the wrong tone of voice is used, it becomes a disaster. I am a survivor of a someone’s bad spell. My mother, my guardian, my number 1 supper and beauty critic noticed the changed in me after I have met thatContinue reading “Tuning In”