True Love isn’t boring: Channeling TF Part 2

Hi Again, Rose here channeling someone’s energy. I can feel that love so strong. It’s a secret person, I’m glad to have been able to feel this vibe, so blessed. I hope you can relate… M- Masculine F- Feminine M: I love you so much and I hated it coz I know it’s true andContinue reading “True Love isn’t boring: Channeling TF Part 2”

Seasons of Advent

Another message from a friend. I am grateful to share this to you. I have have attended the mass twice this week, the priest talked about the second coming, the next priest talked about our coming. Isn’t it cool? Wait, I remember something. The priest before the first priest I am talking about talked aboutContinue reading “Seasons of Advent”

This reminds me of the power of karma

While you’re alive, take a moment to release yourself from any angle that kept you grounded.Sometimes, it felt so good to fly even if it’s just in a dream; it made me feel in control.Feeling like nobody’s really trying hard to stop me from doing the things I really wanted.But my thought said, “they won’tContinue reading “This reminds me of the power of karma”