Seasons of Advent

Another message from a friend. I am grateful to share this to you.

I have have attended the mass twice this week, the priest talked about the second coming, the next priest talked about our coming.

Isn’t it cool? Wait, I remember something. The priest before the first priest I am talking about talked about talents. He said it’s a gift from God, and we must share it.

Now the first priest talking about the second coming. I have nothing much to share, I am used to that and it’s getting boring. So I’ll just move on to the next priest.

He said, “There are two parts of advent, we will talk about the second part.” That second part is us returning back to the God. But there’s something more I learned from that. He mentioned about the first part of the advent in other words.

He shared and explained it in a story and I have totally understood it. I am so thankful and grateful that I will share it with you. He said, “Nobody left us, we left them.”

It was us who left, that’s why, it was us who must return, that’s the second part of advent. It’s always been there. In the beginning, in the book of Genesis, it’s them who left eden then they suffer. Nobody forced the first people to leave, did God said so? Now we’re returning back there.

Aha, I remember a sister talked about “Inherited Sins” that must be what she’s talking about. Everybody does that. We once left from God, we got lost waiting when in fact we’re not supposed to wait, we’re suppose to return back to him.

Now returning back to the paradise, the good life we once have takes a lot of courage. Facing everything we did, walking back and acknowledging what we have done so far. For sure there are good things as well. Accepting both is quite a task but must be done.

Seeing yourself did the best you can, succeeding, it’s your time to appreciate it and acknowledge yourself. I thought it’s others job to do it. It is your job to recognize yourself and give yourself credit for all the accomplishments you have earned for yourself.

It’s December! We’ve reach this far, now we are coming back to January, to thank what we did so far and the blessings starts pouring in. Time to thank ourselves for all the dedication and determination she did in the past. To let go of what’s not working, and to embrace the good things you have done, and be consistent with it.

Let’s eat! My amazing company blessed us so much! We are so thankful and grateful! December has come and we thank you so much in silence! Bless you with more blessings.

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