Secret to be happy at work

Right now, I’m at Kadaugan sa Mactan. I’m waiting for my Manufriends, I missed them already. It’s been a month since I left the company. We will be watching the #sadsad as a celebration for the kadaugan, but it’s also a contest at the same time. There will be prizes for the winners which makesContinue reading “Secret to be happy at work”

Their rights to say NO to you

When somebody is discouraging you to do a certain thing, do it anyway. When somebody’s casting a negative spell on all your plans; do it anyway. Have fun, proving them wrong. You know what you’re capable of; they don’t. They see you as a shell, but not the one who’s behind it all. Enjoy theContinue reading “Their rights to say NO to you”

If it doesn’t sound good, why bother think about it? Sometimes, ignorance is the key

Life is simple, yet others wants to complicate it; creating intentional dramas to make you feel bad and cry like a baby. Thank goodness! I am no longer a baby, I just looked like one; ah, sometimes, I feel like one too! But this time, only with someone who cares. The rest can be ignored;Continue reading “If it doesn’t sound good, why bother think about it? Sometimes, ignorance is the key”

If you can forgive, you can let go. Hello! It’s Christmas!

May this Christmas brings you joy, love, appreciation, new opportunities, new experiences; and above all, new love, fresh from the start. May we start forgiving so we can let go of our grudges; only then, we can be happiest. Life is full of surprises; it is when you accept failures, mistakes, lacks, etc.; that weContinue reading “If you can forgive, you can let go. Hello! It’s Christmas!”

It did not happened yet. Better do it now than be unprepared

I know this is a waste, emotional preparation for the worst. I am fooled by love, blinded but totally awakened. The worst can happen, question is, how will I handle it. I’m prepared for what is good, but not for the worst. So here I am, considering, the judgments in town. I am triggered, everytimeContinue reading “It did not happened yet. Better do it now than be unprepared”

True Love is painful. Better than words full of lies

Love is a melody. It speaks, you just have to listen. Sometimes, it can be manipulating, but it’s worth the emotional pain. I am scared, this is the sign I needed. I loved a man, I don’t even know him yet. He looks handsome, but strict like a wise man. He sound like a father,Continue reading “True Love is painful. Better than words full of lies”

I found the love 💕

It is when you’re not thinking, and just feeling; yet it makes you smile, happy and contented. It is healing, it is loving, it is kind, it is friendly; and most importantly, it is gentle and understanding. It’s when you allow love to come to you, that it will. It is when you do notContinue reading “I found the love 💕”

A heart that sees 👌

My mind hassling, I have to act blind. Someone will know about my obsessions, its embarrassment is unbearable. Please do something to heal this wound. This heart longs, longing for attention. Yet I’m just right here trying to be seen. I just stay away, far from me; coz I’m complete anyway. My heart sees you,Continue reading “A heart that sees 👌”