How to handle anxieties by by believing in too good to be true

My anxieties became worst year 2015; with my first personal relationship. The thought of the future makes me feel anxious because I was a negative thinker. So I changed my thinking; everytime I think of the future, I only think of thinks that are too good to be true. I have decided that even ifContinue reading “How to handle anxieties by by believing in too good to be true”

IL CORSO escapade was a surprise

There is a thinking mind in every situation. Think for yourself, plan ahead and be specific, commit and let it be manifested. We went to IL CORSO with team ok ok. I was surprised that we’re getting there via the CCLEX, and got so quiet enjoying the moment. It was raining that day and weContinue reading “IL CORSO escapade was a surprise”

How solo travelling helps

Solo travelling is quite an adventure and a thrill. If you’re looking for a nice and thrilling adventure, do it yourself. I travelled yesterday, on my own, first time, in North Cebu. It’s far, and I almost got lost but my instincts whispered and I listened. I asked the right people, thanks to my guidingContinue reading “How solo travelling helps”