Adventure is best the 2nd time around, at Mt. Manunggal

Two years ago, I have finally visited Mt. Manunggal. Two years after, I came back to camp and to visit the rock formation. It’s always in my heart, to be back there and we finally did it, April 9, 2023; with a couple. I always feel happy whenever I am surrounded by lovers. Now IContinue reading “Adventure is best the 2nd time around, at Mt. Manunggal”

Learn to love pain until it’s no longer affecting you

Emotional pain? It’s making people go angry, crazy and make bad decisions; like hurting people and of course avoiding anything that triggers it. It puts you to fear and anxiety. All kinds of emotions gets triggered when you’re in pain; you just can’t understand. Like love, it can’t be understood, you just knew it existed.Continue reading “Learn to love pain until it’s no longer affecting you”

Conquering fears, wearing 2-piece at Crab Island

Did you know? There’s an island in Maribago, just minutes away from Jpark Place. It’s not yet fully developed as of the moment, so it was for free. Yesterday morning, I was recording while walking and talking about conquering my fears and wanting to really wear 2-piece, since I’m almost 30 and haven’t really wornContinue reading “Conquering fears, wearing 2-piece at Crab Island”

Overthinking is not good, here’s why.

I was in grade 5 when I started to walk on my own for hours, going to school. I noticed that everytime I am already under those trees, I’d ran because of those scary thoughts. Thoughts like, there’s a monster showing up soon, because that’s what other’s story tells. It’s funny that I’d ran withoutContinue reading “Overthinking is not good, here’s why.”

What’s the point of Fear of judgment; be authentic, here’s why.

One thing I realized about most people; they don’t really know you, so they judge and judge and judge. So what’s the point of impressing them? They’ve already judged you. Tell the truth, be authentic, let them judge; let them guess, you’re prepared for it. Let me tell you a bit of my story, notContinue reading “What’s the point of Fear of judgment; be authentic, here’s why.”

Fall softly and always have fun

Yesterday, I went for a jog. It’s my 5th Monday and I’m doing good so far. The weather was good and I was blessed. I saw feathers everywhere; it presents itself without me finding it. Look at these feathers… Aren’t they beautiful? It was a stressful week for me, and I was restored by theseContinue reading “Fall softly and always have fun”

It did not happened yet. Better do it now than be unprepared

I know this is a waste, emotional preparation for the worst. I am fooled by love, blinded but totally awakened. The worst can happen, question is, how will I handle it. I’m prepared for what is good, but not for the worst. So here I am, considering, the judgments in town. I am triggered, everytimeContinue reading “It did not happened yet. Better do it now than be unprepared”

It’s not mental, it’s emotional

I had a rough day today. My anxieties got triggered. I cried like a baby, and hide underneath my desk, at work. I have committed a mistake, and after admitting it, I was emotionally trapped in fear of the consequences. Soon as I have arrived home, I shared it with my friend’s husband, and heContinue reading “It’s not mental, it’s emotional”

The Choices We’ve Made

IN A BUS Going South Last Sunday, while sitting on a bus, a lady invited me to eat with her. I politely said no and kept on reading the book I recently bought. Hours later, she fell asleep. I am still reading and I kept on turning the pages. She woke up while we askContinue reading “The Choices We’ve Made”

Overcoming My Anxiety Disorder

I’m well aware of my social anxieties and I did something to conquer it. I remember how scared I was to be gossiped about that I stopped myself from expressing. It was horrifying that I got disgusted overtime. I had to do something. I started with writing a book in which I tried being authentic.Continue reading “Overcoming My Anxiety Disorder”