Staying Hopeful after Odette (Typhoon Rai)

Attitude of hope and gratitude is the only way to keep moving. We’ve been hit by Odette Typhoon, internationally known as Rai, and the electricity went off, online jobs ceased operating and so we’re standby for a week and maybe more. It’s a little frustrating knowing that others have been fully restored and our placeContinue reading “Staying Hopeful after Odette (Typhoon Rai)”

Tree of Life

“Be the person you want others to be unto you.” So far, I am convinced that most of the emotional problems adults face rooted from their childhood upbringings. So if we want change, we must start from the very beginning. I told myself, there’s nothing else to lose but my habit of running away fromContinue reading “Tree of Life”

Directing attention to the right focus

Char! Sometimes, the reason why we’re not getting what we really wanted, it’s because we’re focusing at the wrong side. Pushing so hard only means it’s not the right door if it doesn’t open. It’s the same pattern with people,but someone still choose somebody else, then she’s not the right person for you, look atContinue reading “Directing attention to the right focus”

Getting out from my comfort zone #9 Weekend Getaway at Africa Restaurant, Wharf and BBQ place in Marigondon Lapu Lapu City

Second Week of June. It was a stressful week. I had so much in mind. I hear bad words, then I got triggered emotionally and it causes more fear in me. I forgive those people who have caused it and have intentionally did it to hurt me. If it’s a test then they have succeededContinue reading “Getting out from my comfort zone #9 Weekend Getaway at Africa Restaurant, Wharf and BBQ place in Marigondon Lapu Lapu City”

It takes only 5 steps to maintain your happiness

Everything in this world revolves around one desire and that is to be happy. We decide and choose based on our belief that it will make us happy even if it means hurting others or stepping into others shoes- a reality that we cannot deny, specially when we are in that state of panic andContinue reading “It takes only 5 steps to maintain your happiness”

How to live longer

Yesterday, I went to the church not because I am perfect but because I am not. I needed spiritual lessons, good thoughts, clean intentions, and true love from the Devine. Church is a resting place for my soul. It’s so quiet and people is at their respectful mode. We all knew we’ve got all typesContinue reading “How to live longer”

What’s the difference between Craziness & Professionalism & How to finish it

You know what, my teacher taught me this. He’s my caregiving teacher by the way. He once said, something like, well if I remembered it correctly, something like, “Sanity is just one twist to insanity.” Can you imagine how’s that mean to me? It’s pretty scary isn’t it? Now I get it. In my childContinue reading “What’s the difference between Craziness & Professionalism & How to finish it”

Give Second Option A chance

Excuse yourself if you must.Don’t get stuck to that mess.It happened, you can’t undo it.But of course, you can always relive it.This time, make sure it’s what you always want it to be lived like. Keep trying, give yourself a chance to try the next option.Doesn’t mean you’re not allowed now, you can never doContinue reading “Give Second Option A chance”