Conquering fears, wearing 2-piece at Crab Island

Did you know? There’s an island in Maribago, just minutes away from Jpark Place. It’s not yet fully developed as of the moment, so it was for free. Yesterday morning, I was recording while walking and talking about conquering my fears and wanting to really wear 2-piece, since I’m almost 30 and haven’t really wornContinue reading “Conquering fears, wearing 2-piece at Crab Island”

Where birds feed on December: The Bird Sanctuary

Yesterday, after the christening of our baby friend, Shawn; we went to see the International Birds, feeding! You know, birds can fly many hours without stopping; I just knew, thanks to “kuya, operator;” whom I’d like to give credit now, for taking this beautiful photo. He said, that some of the birds have trackers; soContinue reading “Where birds feed on December: The Bird Sanctuary”

Pain, makes me powerful. It ignites me, to learn fast and win

Whenever I’m hurt, I am transformed into someone new, stronger than I was before. My pain, encourages me to do more, to achieve more, to show my worth and my value. I recently liked someone, younger than me; everytime I got ignored, I can feel the pain, and it hurts. One day, he made meContinue reading “Pain, makes me powerful. It ignites me, to learn fast and win”

Overcoming My Anxiety Disorder

I’m well aware of my social anxieties and I did something to conquer it. I remember how scared I was to be gossiped about that I stopped myself from expressing. It was horrifying that I got disgusted overtime. I had to do something. I started with writing a book in which I tried being authentic.Continue reading “Overcoming My Anxiety Disorder”

Just do it

We went to Anjo world for the second time! My goal was to experience Gliding in the ice inside the Snow world. There were bad revie hiws but it doesn’t matter to me because it is my goal and it is the experience that counts. I still went. Despite the fact that I’ll have toContinue reading “Just do it”

Cebu, Mactan’s Free-Diving Pool Practice

When I pushed myself towards the bottom of the pool, I feel myself being able to free-dive. If we pushed ourselves, everyone can do the thing we thought was impossible. I never thought I could dive. But I tried for the sake of having a good video taken. I guess, it really got me motivated.Continue reading “Cebu, Mactan’s Free-Diving Pool Practice”

IL CORSO escapade was a surprise

There is a thinking mind in every situation. Think for yourself, plan ahead and be specific, commit and let it be manifested. We went to IL CORSO with team ok ok. I was surprised that we’re getting there via the CCLEX, and got so quiet enjoying the moment. It was raining that day and weContinue reading “IL CORSO escapade was a surprise”

IronMan in Mactan

IronMan in Mactan, I am already thrilled. Waiting for your participants to show their strenght. In the hallway, people cheers up for their bets. Me, I’m here, to see beauty, to see strenght. To be inspired is all I get, nothing but a bliss. One day, I might; One day, I may not, but hereContinue reading “IronMan in Mactan”

How solo travelling helps

Solo travelling is quite an adventure and a thrill. If you’re looking for a nice and thrilling adventure, do it yourself. I travelled yesterday, on my own, first time, in North Cebu. It’s far, and I almost got lost but my instincts whispered and I listened. I asked the right people, thanks to my guidingContinue reading “How solo travelling helps”

Resiliency Building : Learning Free-Diving 1st Session

Today, I had a good time, learning the basics of Free-Diving, its origin and its importance. I always wish I could dive, and I’m always feeling the beauty of being able to swim with the fishes. Today, is the start of that journey to diving. I am so happy that I am able to learnContinue reading “Resiliency Building : Learning Free-Diving 1st Session”