Life is amazing, share your good experiences too

Yesterday was an amazing day; even though I felt disappointed last Sunday, because someone didn’t even bother getting to know me; but I’m so lucky for being surrounded by good people at work. Everything that I was dreaming of, hoping that someone or something is like this and that; now slowly being manifested. We hadContinue reading “Life is amazing, share your good experiences too”

You did your part; why not celebrate and rejoice?

Another year has come, another adventures to look forward to. While 2022 is closing, 2023 is opening; change is for sure coming. Dwelling on the past is a BIG NO, even if it’s the best of all time. Doing so, will not help you grow and enjoy the moment; so be present and create anotherContinue reading “You did your part; why not celebrate and rejoice?”

Your life is a choice; choose wisely

Choosing wisely is vital to a happy and successful life, in all your relationships. It is a choice to be surrounded by people who see you you more than you have shown. People who believed in you deserves to be in your life. You’ll do even more and will do the best you can becauseContinue reading “Your life is a choice; choose wisely”

If it’s meant to break, so be it; You deserve your freedom

Sometimes, you just have to allow things to break for everyone to grow. Know your place, respect their rights, and just move on to the next. Others think of me as the one who will hold them together; yes, but not for a long time. I’ll let go of them in the end of theContinue reading “If it’s meant to break, so be it; You deserve your freedom”

Pain, makes me powerful. It ignites me, to learn fast and win

Whenever I’m hurt, I am transformed into someone new, stronger than I was before. My pain, encourages me to do more, to achieve more, to show my worth and my value. I recently liked someone, younger than me; everytime I got ignored, I can feel the pain, and it hurts. One day, he made meContinue reading “Pain, makes me powerful. It ignites me, to learn fast and win”