Adventure is best the 2nd time around, at Mt. Manunggal

Two years ago, I have finally visited Mt. Manunggal. Two years after, I came back to camp and to visit the rock formation. It’s always in my heart, to be back there and we finally did it, April 9, 2023; with a couple. I always feel happy whenever I am surrounded by lovers. Now IContinue reading “Adventure is best the 2nd time around, at Mt. Manunggal”

Your direction is most important than your speed

Hey, today, I participated in a fun-run to celebrate the love month. It went successfully. I got my medal and I had been taking photos to those who wants pictures. Of course using their phones. I was like a volunteer, and it made me feel so useful. I was only standing there because I wantContinue reading “Your direction is most important than your speed”

Be open for change, life is about it

This year, I’m going to become 30 years older. I am proud to be one. I accept that I am older and getting prettier 😜. I’m just old enough to show some skin; to become the person I always wanted to be, because I’m already thirty. I’m no longer too young to be scared ofContinue reading “Be open for change, life is about it”

How’s your excercise experiences? Why not keep going?

Today, I jogged with a friend. Thankful to finally have a jogging buddy. I hope it’s going to last longer. Last week, I joined and became a member of “Alt Gym” for a month. I am thinking to keep on going, as long as I can afford it. Exercising is kinda fun. It keeps youContinue reading “How’s your excercise experiences? Why not keep going?”

Love yourself first. Why focus on others’ progress?

When I was young, I met a man. My world stopped, I spend my years with him, like a puppet and a devoted wife. Well, I wasn’t a wife, I was just assuming. Right now, I am talking to someone, it reminds me of him; I must not assume. It’s easy to put yourself underContinue reading “Love yourself first. Why focus on others’ progress?”

Overcoming My Anxiety Disorder

I’m well aware of my social anxieties and I did something to conquer it. I remember how scared I was to be gossiped about that I stopped myself from expressing. It was horrifying that I got disgusted overtime. I had to do something. I started with writing a book in which I tried being authentic.Continue reading “Overcoming My Anxiety Disorder”

Always in my mind

I have been thinking of buying this book but for some reasons I am delaying it. Always in my mind, now it’s mine. Life is a beautiful mystery, full of wants and needs. It needs motivation just like how plants needs water in order to grow. The Universe have been so kind to me thatContinue reading “Always in my mind”

Cebu, Mactan’s Free-Diving Pool Practice

When I pushed myself towards the bottom of the pool, I feel myself being able to free-dive. If we pushed ourselves, everyone can do the thing we thought was impossible. I never thought I could dive. But I tried for the sake of having a good video taken. I guess, it really got me motivated.Continue reading “Cebu, Mactan’s Free-Diving Pool Practice”

How solo travelling helps

Solo travelling is quite an adventure and a thrill. If you’re looking for a nice and thrilling adventure, do it yourself. I travelled yesterday, on my own, first time, in North Cebu. It’s far, and I almost got lost but my instincts whispered and I listened. I asked the right people, thanks to my guidingContinue reading “How solo travelling helps”

Your Time versus the Clock Time

Okay, I learned a very important lesson on my first day of my free-diving lesson. It is about your body clock versus the “time” we call it, but it’s not really the real time, it’s just a clock, a measuring device, to calculate and measure your speed, your endurance; just like how many hours doesContinue reading “Your Time versus the Clock Time”