Relax, and trust your instincts as well as the process

I was just a child, now I’m an adult. I never thought I would be engaging with the best people in the world. Sometimes, I feel like I couldn’t make it, but sometimes I feel like, “you know what, it’s just a feeling; let’s try it.” I had full of doubts, not of others butContinue reading “Relax, and trust your instincts as well as the process”

You deserve someone better; move on, choose yourself, this time.

You are not alone, and you’ll never will; all your pains is just a part of life that needs to be felt and let go of. People cares, let them be; move on, but always be thankful. Life is amazing, give back with kindness. Always remember that you deserve someone better; anything better; someone proud,Continue reading “You deserve someone better; move on, choose yourself, this time.”

Knowing your Self Worth

Representing the young, still searching for approval; it’s okay, take it professionally. Know that you are worthy already; you just have to mind your own business. Care not much of their future success because it’s not yours; but still support, that’s the right thing to do. When others couldn’t see potential in you, and youContinue reading “Knowing your Self Worth”

Just do it

We went to Anjo world for the second time! My goal was to experience Gliding in the ice inside the Snow world. There were bad revie hiws but it doesn’t matter to me because it is my goal and it is the experience that counts. I still went. Despite the fact that I’ll have toContinue reading “Just do it”

Father’s Love

The urge to fill the void, of a father’s love that’s being deprived. This daughter, seeks for vengeance, something she deserves. Why on earth does he have to fall, down into the dirty pool. When we are left unaided, he was stocked in someone’s pit. Now have you come back, not to love, but toContinue reading “Father’s Love”

Magnify by RMI

11:00 AM. While reading my book, this thoughts came to me. *Magnify* Magnify you, beautiful self, when you’re calm and free. Magnify you self, when loved, when surprised and blessed. Magnify you self, the best self, when you let go of yourself. Your little strength and faith be magnified. Your love and your acceptance beContinue reading “Magnify by RMI”

Choose Self Love Over Self Pity

See the difference between these two. I knew this because I have experienced it and I have felt it. Self Pity: When you choose self pity, you’ll attract people who will pity on you like someone who doesn’t deserve anything but just pity, a little is enough. It keeps you feeling poor and not goodContinue reading “Choose Self Love Over Self Pity”

In Knowing your wants

My title is a little generic but I really mean is that “How to understand your past experiences?” This has to be a big topic, so I’ll make a loop for this Big one. I hope you’ll stay tuned coz I think it’s going to change you for good. Situation #1: When people treats youContinue reading “In Knowing your wants”

True Love isn’t boring: Channeling TF Part 2

Hi Again, Rose here channeling someone’s energy. I can feel that love so strong. It’s a secret person, I’m glad to have been able to feel this vibe, so blessed. I hope you can relate… M- Masculine F- Feminine M: I love you so much and I hated it coz I know it’s true andContinue reading “True Love isn’t boring: Channeling TF Part 2”