Money was not the problem. I was just unhappy.

When I was young, I am not aware that we actually needed money; because back in the province, our foods are free. I saw kids having monies but only buy junk-foods, “I’d rather not have it,” I said to myself. But when I started going to school, I acknowledge the need of money to buyContinue reading “Money was not the problem. I was just unhappy.”

Be happy without. You’re not crazy to chase, unless it’s a goal that will make you successful

Lately I’ve been thinking; thinking inside my little box. Got so quiet, unaware of my surroundings. My neighbor saw me and teased “Break him up, already.” Then he laughed. I was out of the world, hiding as if no one’s seeing. I am once again bothered of the shame and the judgements I have toContinue reading “Be happy without. You’re not crazy to chase, unless it’s a goal that will make you successful”

You just need a checklist; here’s why

Lately, I have been revisiting the situations I got in, regarding my previous decisions; that involves, not seeing or just ignoring something I couldn’t see; I figured out what happened. Using the Why2x analysis, I was able to identify the thought that triggered my fear of not seeing it. There’s something I don’t want toContinue reading “You just need a checklist; here’s why”

I found the love 💕

It is when you’re not thinking, and just feeling; yet it makes you smile, happy and contented. It is healing, it is loving, it is kind, it is friendly; and most importantly, it is gentle and understanding. It’s when you allow love to come to you, that it will. It is when you do notContinue reading “I found the love 💕”


Beautiful are the birds, pretty as it sounds, exciting the feels. I am but a listener who loves their harmony, sounds better than any. Humans words full of bitterness, yet the birds sings full of eagerness. Better not have a lyrics, than of words full of disappointments and sadness. But thankful for those men, forContinue reading “Silence”