Being needy will only attract disrespect

Being needy makes you feel weak. It will make you fall into the wrong persons that are also acting needy like you. So if you become your truest self, you will attract those people in your life; like real people who will actually be real to you. I used to act like someone who thinksContinue reading “Being needy will only attract disrespect”

Trying something new is a lot of fun

Last saturday, I was invited to join a “Drinking session.” I am not really into alcohol, I’m into adventure; so I took the opportunity to travel at night. It’s another place for me to visit and I think it was exciting. So it was! Although, taxi is expensive. I had to spend 200 for it,Continue reading “Trying something new is a lot of fun”

If it’s yours, it will open effortlessly

If it’s for you, it will open for you. If it won’t, make sure it’s really yours you’re trying to open, because no matter what you do, it will not open if it’s not yours. Something happened last Friday; I couldn’t open my locker and I quickly reported it to the guard; the guard askContinue reading “If it’s yours, it will open effortlessly”

Relax, and trust your instincts as well as the process

I was just a child, now I’m an adult. I never thought I would be engaging with the best people in the world. Sometimes, I feel like I couldn’t make it, but sometimes I feel like, “you know what, it’s just a feeling; let’s try it.” I had full of doubts, not of others butContinue reading “Relax, and trust your instincts as well as the process”

Three greatest lessons that can change your life

In my 11 days towards my future, I learned so much about “Why” I must value the little achievements that I received. I thought before that it was just nothing because I am just a “mosquito” in this universe; I feel so little because I did not value the things that helped me achieved thoseContinue reading “Three greatest lessons that can change your life”

Relax, everything will be okay in the end

Finally, I started my journey to the top. This is another dream come true! A choice has been made. It’s really scary but trusting the process and relaxing; lots of learning from my minor mistakes and of course learning from it. These are the lessons I learned so far: Some things are just temporary; itContinue reading “Relax, everything will be okay in the end”

Secret to be happy at work

Right now, I’m at Kadaugan sa Mactan. I’m waiting for my Manufriends, I missed them already. It’s been a month since I left the company. We will be watching the #sadsad as a celebration for the kadaugan, but it’s also a contest at the same time. There will be prizes for the winners which makesContinue reading “Secret to be happy at work”