It’s Sad Saturday by RMI

Yesterday, I was sad 😢. My friends took me out and I was relieved. I am fine now so I’m gonna write this song like thing. *** It’s Sad, I’m stressed, I’m probably depressed. No it’s not physical nor mental, it’s spiritual. I want to hold you, my hands shaking but it’s not. I feelContinue reading “It’s Sad Saturday by RMI”

Moonlight by MINAROS

It’s been the first time since when I last saw you. Now shining beautifully like I’ve never seen before. Blinking, sparkling, oh I’m so full of you tonight. Thinking of you from afar, amazed by your reflection. So far, yet I can feel you so near, so good, feeling so good. I hope you’re seeingContinue reading “Moonlight by MINAROS”

Trust your self, say no to self doubt

Being curious is another key to learn more, but sometimes curiosity is not necessary specially when you’re seeking more self validation. Sometimes, curiosity is a waste of time, because most of the time you are right about your judgements. But of course, let’s be honest, it’s always better to dig deeper in order to knowContinue reading “Trust your self, say no to self doubt”

Living a life easy: Trusting You

“You” the real you, not what you think you are, knows best. She can see better than you know, and it’s not a joke coz it’s true. How many times you end up saying, “I knew it!” Trust yourself, this time, it’s not a coincidence, it’s destiny. Allow it to happen; give yourself a chanceContinue reading “Living a life easy: Trusting You”

You can do it

Sometimes, doubts are blocking my way. Sometimes, doubts are shaking my self worth. Sometimes, circumstances puts you in a situation where you questioned your self belief and self trust. Just remember this, “You Can Do It!” Don’t let people decide who you are, because that’s what they think you are. Don’t let people or anything,Continue reading “You can do it”

Believe in your heart

Another hearts desire gets manifested. I really wanted to visit the shrine but couldn’t find anyone to be with. I was thinking of going on my own that day, suddenly, they asked “Let’s go outside to celebrate mother’s day!” And I became the happiest. Mina at her happiest! It’s a confirmation that life taught meContinue reading “Believe in your heart”