The purpose

“The only time you can go faster is right after slowing down.” -Me 😁 Meditation gives me life since 2016. I was 22 when I quit my Job as an accounts payable staff (oh I did practice my accounting side for a year). I was in a relationship while I quit and became his partnerContinue reading “The purpose”

Forgive your self instead

“Saying sorry is an old thing; we can always say sorry and will still do the same mistake again; but thanking is seeing the lesson and forgiving yourself for the trespasses you have done.” I realized that karma is real. Now I can see myself in others shoes, so I can understand why a certainContinue reading “Forgive your self instead”

Narcissistic Mother

Oh well, this is so true for me! Thanks Doc. My mother is so like that and I’m so scared I might become. I am full of shame with my truth and how she treated me, but she still have the guts to question what I know about her. I can still remember how sheContinue reading “Narcissistic Mother”

How to handle an abusive person?

Yesterday, I went to the church, and I listened to the preachers coaching. I call it coaching, please accept that. Right, and then to my surprise he talked about Jesus as a good shepherd. A symbol of a person who is just, who takes ownership, and responsibility to his job as a shepherd to hisContinue reading “How to handle an abusive person?”

Sacred heart of Jesus

Where the oppressed and depressed go. Your house is always open to us. We are always welcome to dine. With your Eucharist, we feel so blessed. Once again, we filled in the gap and the need of belongingness within us. Your mother is the best. You shared it with us and humbly we are soContinue reading “Sacred heart of Jesus”

Releasing Angst

We’ll give you an example, you may replace the words, but this is how I do it.. Even though, I always feel bullied and belittled by my uncle for being her sisters adapted daughter, who left his husband to be with a lot of men, and I felt so angry, so ashamed, feeling betrayed onContinue reading “Releasing Angst”


Dealing with angst and defensiveness is kinda crazy, trully hard to handle, but I found an amazing way to handle this issue effortlessly; you just have to understand that each of us have our own worries, fights, insecurities, and problems.Instead of fighting back or blaming yourself for their behaviors, even if you haven’t done anythingContinue reading “Compassion”