Replace Worry with Fun

I have seen BTS Jungkook VLive twice and he always talked about worrying.. first about the Grammy performance, 2nd about the Las Vegas Concert. Guess what, everything goes right! It’s an affirmation that WORRYING is not necessary, because in the end, everything’s going to be alright. I wonder 🤔 Jungkook-sshi already knew this, he mustContinue reading “Replace Worry with Fun”

When God is with you

When God is with you, you’re being the best, you are respected and you are loved the way you are.The enemies are scared of you, they’re punished of their bad deeds.When you’re with him, you’re the best you can ever be.You’re amazing in all your ways.It’s time to wake up from this old reality. WhenContinue reading “When God is with you”