Replace Worry with Fun

I have seen BTS Jungkook VLive twice and he always talked about worrying.. first about the Grammy performance, 2nd about the Las Vegas Concert. Guess what, everything goes right! It’s an affirmation that WORRYING is not necessary, because in the end, everything’s going to be alright.

I wonder 🤔 Jungkook-sshi already knew this, he must have fun in everytime he Performs. I believed he did great on his 1st day. He’s living his life and his funnies and happiness is all that matters in the end.

RM also shared in his VLive that “Life is too short” we have to have fun while performing. Let the haters hate, let the lovers love. He’s a genius! I salute. Jk’s always right about you. You guys are not only boy bands. You are all leaders.

They have influenced the youth so much, gave us strength and the courage to keep going no matter what happen, “No matter what happen Army’s, please be happy” Jeon Jungkook.

I am so fascinated by their passion. I am always curious about their mindsets and one day whenever a chance will knock on my door, I’m going to ask all of them, that simple question, “What’s your mindset?” How come, they’re all so happy no matter what. I love their smile and how proud they are since they started teaming up together.

They are the perfect proof of “Honesty, openness, forgiveness,” really builds trust, love and trust to each other. Their goal is one, they’re vibration is one, and that’s how beautiful it is. 7 happy hearts on stage created a huge amount of love that radiates and heals anyone who’s tuned in to their music.

I just love how light their bodies are and how disciplined they are. Their dedication and commitments really strengthen BTS. I am so happy and proud that they are the first boy- band group that I adored. Such cuties really existed. I hope that they will continue to serve humanities love, respect, understanding, unity and of course the will to keep moving forward with a smile in their hearts.

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