What’s Stopping You?

What’s stopping you, my fellow women? A question I saw, in Cebu, early this year. It hit me, because I already knew it’s fear. A goal that has no end, a destination awaits. If it’s the beginning, so is the end, so must I face. The torment of this power, really kept me. Stuck inContinue reading “What’s Stopping You?”

Trust your self, say no to self doubt

Being curious is another key to learn more, but sometimes curiosity is not necessary specially when you’re seeking more self validation. Sometimes, curiosity is a waste of time, because most of the time you are right about your judgements. But of course, let’s be honest, it’s always better to dig deeper in order to knowContinue reading “Trust your self, say no to self doubt”

Have you been awake in your dream and couldn’t move your body?

These happened to me many times. When I’m awake in my dreams. This especially when I am half asleep or like I slept for less than an hour and have to be awake before that. My system asked me to wake up, I was awake but my body isn’t, no matter how I tried toContinue reading “Have you been awake in your dream and couldn’t move your body?”

Replace Worry with Fun

I have seen BTS Jungkook VLive twice and he always talked about worrying.. first about the Grammy performance, 2nd about the Las Vegas Concert. Guess what, everything goes right! It’s an affirmation that WORRYING is not necessary, because in the end, everything’s going to be alright. I wonder 🤔 Jungkook-sshi already knew this, he mustContinue reading “Replace Worry with Fun”

This will Silence your inner critic: Secret to a successful meditation

Good day! I’m still cooking rice so I will write while waiting until it’s cooked. These days, oh in the past few days, the past few months, the past few years, noises have been my greatest pitfalls. It’s my trigger, I got angry when it happened and I struggled a lot. I figured out somethingContinue reading “This will Silence your inner critic: Secret to a successful meditation”

Someone who is true to you

When you’re down and struggling from insecurities, remember not to compare yourself to others, because you have a God that loves you unconditionally. There is a big Earth providing you with fresh air, with a big sky that protects us, with water that keeps us hydrated. Remember that when you feel homeless because you haveContinue reading “Someone who is true to you”

Happy Weekend! Looking at the good side

It’s weekend! Finally, I can unwind and feel free from the weekdays. I must make every weekend memorable and enjoyable! I am so thankful and grateful no matter what. I must learn to see the bright side of me to continue to feel good and do good. I remember the last time I focused onContinue reading “Happy Weekend! Looking at the good side”

Growing up, Giving Back

Though it seems like it’s not moving, if you move closer you’ll see how far she have come from.The travels she had, the places she visited is coming out of the surface.The experiences that she had, all those amazing memories she gave herself just to be different from the labels she kept on hearing; noisanceContinue reading “Growing up, Giving Back”