Beautiful are the birds, pretty as it sounds, exciting the feels. I am but a listener who loves their harmony, sounds better than any. Humans words full of bitterness, yet the birds sings full of eagerness. Better not have a lyrics, than of words full of disappointments and sadness. But thankful for those men, forContinue reading “Silence”

It’s Sad Saturday by RMI

Yesterday, I was sad 😢. My friends took me out and I was relieved. I am fine now so I’m gonna write this song like thing. *** It’s Sad, I’m stressed, I’m probably depressed. No it’s not physical nor mental, it’s spiritual. I want to hold you, my hands shaking but it’s not. I feelContinue reading “It’s Sad Saturday by RMI”

You knew it by RMI

My username is RMI.. You knew it from the start, it’s not working out. You just want to see me, but it’s not me in there. You hoped it’s me, but you’re being with someone else. You think I didn’t know, I know you’re just faking it. Oh you can’t stay longer, I want youContinue reading “You knew it by RMI”

Moonlight by MINAROS

It’s been the first time since when I last saw you. Now shining beautifully like I’ve never seen before. Blinking, sparkling, oh I’m so full of you tonight. Thinking of you from afar, amazed by your reflection. So far, yet I can feel you so near, so good, feeling so good. I hope you’re seeingContinue reading “Moonlight by MINAROS”

Nothing Last Forever Except One thing

Everything is temporary coz everything improves overtime. Critics, comments makes you better; find someone who will tell you the truth and give you advises instead of gossip about you when you’re not around, just because you have different perceptions. We’ve been through different life experiences, different environments that shapes our way of thinking. Others isContinue reading “Nothing Last Forever Except One thing”

Alas! It’s December!

December is a perfect time to let go, to forgive, to thank, to move on, to set goals, to set priorities, to make timelines, to review your life this year, to learn from your mistakes and to start a gratitude journal for the good things that happened to you this year! I am always thankfulContinue reading “Alas! It’s December!”

Do this when you feel Depressed

Depression is a feeling of being incapable of doing something you really want to do, due to so many factors. It could be others or you who stopped you from doing things you must do. Most of the time though, it is just you. Sometimes, we’re too smart that we’re the only one blocking usContinue reading “Do this when you feel Depressed”

Change, don’t stop 🛑

“The power you used before is the the same power you’re using right now; can you see the difference?” Sometimes, all we truly need is the right direction to push forward without straining a muscle. Oh that gut feeling is always right. When you feel like standing up because it felt like it’s time toContinue reading “Change, don’t stop 🛑”

The purpose

“The only time you can go faster is right after slowing down.” -Me 😁 Meditation gives me life since 2016. I was 22 when I quit my Job as an accounts payable staff (oh I did practice my accounting side for a year). I was in a relationship while I quit and became his partnerContinue reading “The purpose”