Do this when you feel Depressed

Depression is a feeling of being incapable of doing something you really want to do, due to so many factors. It could be others or you who stopped you from doing things you must do. Most of the time though, it is just you. Sometimes, we’re too smart that we’re the only one blocking usContinue reading “Do this when you feel Depressed”

Change, don’t stop 🛑

“The power you used before is the the same power you’re using right now; can you see the difference?” Sometimes, all we truly need is the right direction to push forward without straining a muscle. Oh that gut feeling is always right. When you feel like standing up because it felt like it’s time toContinue reading “Change, don’t stop 🛑”

The purpose

“The only time you can go faster is right after slowing down.” -Me 😁 Meditation gives me life since 2016. I was 22 when I quit my Job as an accounts payable staff (oh I did practice my accounting side for a year). I was in a relationship while I quit and became his partnerContinue reading “The purpose”

High School Family

Enrolling myself in Grade 5 was a turning point for me. I have never expected meeting such caring teachers who considered me as their own. My school teachers have been my parents ever since I started schooling. They were kind, they’re not biased, never ever made me feel like an outcast even if I onlyContinue reading “High School Family”

Someone who is true to you

When you’re down and struggling from insecurities, remember not to compare yourself to others, because you have a God that loves you unconditionally. There is a big Earth providing you with fresh air, with a big sky that protects us, with water that keeps us hydrated. Remember that when you feel homeless because you haveContinue reading “Someone who is true to you”

Narcissistic Mother

Oh well, this is so true for me! Thanks Doc. My mother is so like that and I’m so scared I might become. I am full of shame with my truth and how she treated me, but she still have the guts to question what I know about her. I can still remember how sheContinue reading “Narcissistic Mother”

A message from your ex: I’m not yours

Take only what resonates. Please like if you do 🤣 I’m not yours. I’m not yours. I am not yours to keep. Nobody owns me but the one who sets me free. I am here for fun, experiencing life without the other. But there’s a limit for me and it’s time for me to go.Continue reading “A message from your ex: I’m not yours”

The significance of #40 as shared by Father Rev. Simon Peter

I went to the church today and attended the English mass. I was relieved to see my favorite priest preaching. As always, he went extra mile in discussing the gospel of the day which is all about the the lent season. Season of advent. He shared the importance of #40 in the bible. It wasContinue reading “The significance of #40 as shared by Father Rev. Simon Peter”

Your future plan (see if it resonates)

It’s time to crack my enemies. I have been belittled until the very end. This has to stop by starting new. New source, just something new. I can see the difference between them and the new. They’re intruding me, they’re gossiping about me. They’re trying to manipulate me, specially the mother that I knew. IContinue reading “Your future plan (see if it resonates)”