A heart that sees 👌

My mind hassling, I have to act blind. Someone will know about my obsessions, its embarrassment is unbearable. Please do something to heal this wound. This heart longs, longing for attention. Yet I’m just right here trying to be seen. I just stay away, far from me; coz I’m complete anyway. My heart sees you,Continue reading “A heart that sees 👌”

Moonlight by MINAROS

It’s been the first time since when I last saw you. Now shining beautifully like I’ve never seen before. Blinking, sparkling, oh I’m so full of you tonight. Thinking of you from afar, amazed by your reflection. So far, yet I can feel you so near, so good, feeling so good. I hope you’re seeingContinue reading “Moonlight by MINAROS”

True Love isn’t boring: Channeling TF Part 2

Hi Again, Rose here channeling someone’s energy. I can feel that love so strong. It’s a secret person, I’m glad to have been able to feel this vibe, so blessed. I hope you can relate… M- Masculine F- Feminine M: I love you so much and I hated it coz I know it’s true andContinue reading “True Love isn’t boring: Channeling TF Part 2”