“I want” by RMI

I was watching videos about twinflames and I got inspired to write this piece .. *** It’s not anything, just hugging, not your body, just your soul. I sensed true love, in the absence of fear, my hug heals. I know you’re letting me, nobody knows but me in 5D. The channelers feel, but couldn’tContinue reading ““I want” by RMI”

True Love isn’t boring: Channeling TF Part 2

Hi Again, Rose here channeling someone’s energy. I can feel that love so strong. It’s a secret person, I’m glad to have been able to feel this vibe, so blessed. I hope you can relate… M- Masculine F- Feminine M: I love you so much and I hated it coz I know it’s true andContinue reading “True Love isn’t boring: Channeling TF Part 2”

Message from your true self: How to stop running away Part 1

Hi I like to channel messages in general, applicable to all… I feel like I have a gift worth sharing.. Others might be able to relate to it so why not? Right? “I forgive you!” Stop running away from me. I know you’re in denial. I know that you know how good I am butContinue reading “Message from your true self: How to stop running away Part 1”

A message from your future spouse: Gaze

I knew you since the very beginning. Right now, it almost felt like I knew everything about you. But deep within me hides a desire to speak. I want us to talk about what our future holds and how would it look like from now on. We both get so emotional. We both get soContinue reading “A message from your future spouse: Gaze”

A message from your twin flame 💜

Feeling sad, cannot see you nor touch you. You’re out of reach, I want to talk you. Want to see you but I still can’t. I don’t know what happen to this beautiful heart but I feel sad. Don’t know how to get closer to you, you seem so far away, even if you’re soContinue reading “A message from your twin flame 💜”