Natural pain relievers

We all agree that if there’s no pain, there’s no gain; but what if that pain rooted from childhood abuses by the parents; or death of your lovely pets.. like my first dog died when I was around four, and I felt so sad. I like pets and animals and I am so attached toContinue reading “Natural pain relievers”

The best laughter

Laughter is known as one of the best medicine in the whole world. Is it true? Or is it only me who believed in it.. Hmm 🤔 It’s hard to laugh when you’re sad though. I was wondering why and figured out it’s not really sadness that’s stopping you from laughing; it is actually yourContinue reading “The best laughter”

A message from your future spouse: Gaze

I knew you since the very beginning. Right now, it almost felt like I knew everything about you. But deep within me hides a desire to speak. I want us to talk about what our future holds and how would it look like from now on. We both get so emotional. We both get soContinue reading “A message from your future spouse: Gaze”