Love yourself first. Why focus on others’ progress?

When I was young, I met a man. My world stopped, I spend my years with him, like a puppet and a devoted wife. Well, I wasn’t a wife, I was just assuming. Right now, I am talking to someone, it reminds me of him; I must not assume. It’s easy to put yourself underContinue reading “Love yourself first. Why focus on others’ progress?”

Father’s Love

The urge to fill the void, of a father’s love that’s being deprived. This daughter, seeks for vengeance, something she deserves. Why on earth does he have to fall, down into the dirty pool. When we are left unaided, he was stocked in someone’s pit. Now have you come back, not to love, but toContinue reading “Father’s Love”

Magnify by RMI

11:00 AM. While reading my book, this thoughts came to me. *Magnify* Magnify you, beautiful self, when you’re calm and free. Magnify you self, when loved, when surprised and blessed. Magnify you self, the best self, when you let go of yourself. Your little strength and faith be magnified. Your love and your acceptance beContinue reading “Magnify by RMI”

Refocusing: Doing things right

It’s better to be reprimanded for doing the right thing than suffer from guilt and resentment for not doing what is right; it’s the worst self torture in the whole world. I may not be perfect, but if I know what is right I’ll do it right. So if I’m doing it wrong, that meansContinue reading “Refocusing: Doing things right”

Forgive your self instead

“Saying sorry is an old thing; we can always say sorry and will still do the same mistake again; but thanking is seeing the lesson and forgiving yourself for the trespasses you have done.” I realized that karma is real. Now I can see myself in others shoes, so I can understand why a certainContinue reading “Forgive your self instead”

Owning your emotions

“If there’s no snake, then you’re safe.” The first thing to do when you’re afraid of something is to look around and see if there are really monsters or snakes around. Usually, there is none. So you’re always safe to move faster or slower, it’s really up to you. When I was in high school,Continue reading “Owning your emotions”

The best laughter

Laughter is known as one of the best medicine in the whole world. Is it true? Or is it only me who believed in it.. Hmm 🤔 It’s hard to laugh when you’re sad though. I was wondering why and figured out it’s not really sadness that’s stopping you from laughing; it is actually yourContinue reading “The best laughter”

Trusting the unknown with Gratitude

It was a long weekend. I’m so thankful and grateful that I spent most of the time outside, hiking, running, going to church, etc. Hiking though makes it longer, it felt amazing. It’s definitely different from those weekends I just spent at home not doing anything cool but watching movies, eating cooking etc. I discovered,Continue reading “Trusting the unknown with Gratitude”

Comparison vs Self Acceptance and Self Love + Self Support

Disapproval hurts, but you can mend it. It can break your self esteem or it can make you a record breaker. Just like how Suga Parents disapproval of his interest in music. But look at them now, breaking records after records. So disapproval isn’t really a hindrance to your success. It is your choice thatContinue reading “Comparison vs Self Acceptance and Self Love + Self Support”