Why pursue the things that scares you

Big things are scary, it always will be; yet behind that feeling is a big dream waiting for you; all you have to do is take that first step, be there and be present. Easy pissy, but the thought of change is overwhelming and yet it’s the only way to move forward. Yes, I wasContinue reading “Why pursue the things that scares you”

How to handle anxieties by by believing in too good to be true

My anxieties became worst year 2015; with my first personal relationship. The thought of the future makes me feel anxious because I was a negative thinker. So I changed my thinking; everytime I think of the future, I only think of thinks that are too good to be true. I have decided that even ifContinue reading “How to handle anxieties by by believing in too good to be true”

Knowing your deepest want, saves money and time

If you really wanted it, you won’t find excuses; you will do it right away, the situation doesn’t matter. But if you don’t really want it, you’ll have lots of excuses, delays, etc. I confessed to a friend, that I liked him and that I’m actually so connected with him. I asked if he everContinue reading “Knowing your deepest want, saves money and time”

This thing makes people stuck and it’s not lack of knowledge

It’s indecision. We’re stuck because we’re undecided; even if we already knew that it’s a “YES” we still can’t say it. We already knew, but we did not see it. Or even if we already see it, we just didn’t trust ourselves. A friend of mine, told me to just say “YES”. Yes, I can!Continue reading “This thing makes people stuck and it’s not lack of knowledge”

Let the birds show you the way

I’m always a fan of birds and today I found a new movie in Netflix; the title is Birdbox. It’s a perfect representation of why I like birds. Birds, its sounds, clears my mind. Helps me focus and keep moving forward. No matter how hard the situation could be, I always move forward. The birds,Continue reading “Let the birds show you the way”

Good things happened today! I forgot my wallet.

I am so thankful and grateful to have met such an awesome teammates/workmates. I was in a hurry, and have forgotten my wallet. I realized it later soon as I got in the cab. My TL offered me; she’s going to pay for my jeepney ride. Guess on my way back, I got treated twiceContinue reading “Good things happened today! I forgot my wallet.”

Overthinking is not good, here’s why.

I was in grade 5 when I started to walk on my own for hours, going to school. I noticed that everytime I am already under those trees, I’d ran because of those scary thoughts. Thoughts like, there’s a monster showing up soon, because that’s what other’s story tells. It’s funny that I’d ran withoutContinue reading “Overthinking is not good, here’s why.”

The Question that leads me to find my passion

“Believe in you; why would they not doubt if they’re not in your shoes?” I used to get so emotional when people closer to me disliked me, gets jealous of me, and not happy of my achievements. But soon as I realized, I actually deserve the right people in my life, where I feel safe,Continue reading “The Question that leads me to find my passion”

Sunrise and sunset are the same; the only difference is your angling

Your positioning matters; your angle matters; your location matters; where you’re looking at matters. If you want to see the sun when it’s morning, then look at the east where the sun rises. If you want to see the sun in the evening, then position yourself where the sun is setting. If you want toContinue reading “Sunrise and sunset are the same; the only difference is your angling”