Just Give It A try

I went on my own, I followed the crowd but I finished alone. Met new friends, some aren’t real, some doesn’t care. Had a great experience, life is amazing, go ahead, try living. I wonder where I came from, woke up in a middle of green woods. No father, no mother, just people around, whereContinue reading “Just Give It A try”

Allow, conserve energy, use it wisely

Allowing instead of forcing.Doing what you can.Utilizing what you already have.Manifesting from what you already own.Making silver into gold.One little peace can be converted into big pieces.Same value, in different places.Someone little, someone bigger. Thinking and thanking of what is present.From there we recreate through our amazing brains.Feeling it, celebrating it, and dancing with it.ThatContinue reading “Allow, conserve energy, use it wisely”