True Love is painful. Better than words full of lies

Love is a melody. It speaks, you just have to listen. Sometimes, it can be manipulating, but it’s worth the emotional pain. I am scared, this is the sign I needed. I loved a man, I don’t even know him yet. He looks handsome, but strict like a wise man. He sound like a father,Continue reading “True Love is painful. Better than words full of lies”

Try Smiling Meditation, it’s funny

I had this idea awhile back? But I procrastinated because it sounds so weird and crazy that I didn’t even try. But then I realized that being crazily funny is actually healthy than being crazily aggressive. So if it makes you laugh genuinely, like it’s the funniest thing in the world, simply do it. IContinue reading “Try Smiling Meditation, it’s funny”

“I want” by RMI

I was watching videos about twinflames and I got inspired to write this piece .. *** It’s not anything, just hugging, not your body, just your soul. I sensed true love, in the absence of fear, my hug heals. I know you’re letting me, nobody knows but me in 5D. The channelers feel, but couldn’tContinue reading ““I want” by RMI”

Simplicity Matters: Detoxify at Bakhawan Cordova

Life is a miracle, we must rejoice it and celebrate while we still have it. Yesterday was a blast! With friends, I got replenished. While negativities were released, positive vibes now added. I am indeed one of the blessed. Those precious times worth the wait. Planted in our minds before it happened. Thanks to theContinue reading “Simplicity Matters: Detoxify at Bakhawan Cordova”

How to be yourself

“Do unto you what you want others to do unto you.” – Roselyn Mina Oh I am claiming that. It worked for me and I am always happy every time I take action. I have everything I want to recieve. Manifestation time! It’s true, if I want appreciation, I appreciate myself! There’s no other unconditionalContinue reading “How to be yourself”

Past & Future

There’s this movie that caught my attention because it has the same belief that I already have. It’s quiet interesting that that movie confirmed that I am quiet right about my personal discovery. You see, I am interested in patterns. I like to see the differences, similarities and repetitions to keep track of my deedsContinue reading “Past & Future”

Help yourself heal

Healing starts with relaxation, allowing your natural healing power to do its work.Trusting and believing, guiding your healing energy where it must focus on.I go to church to relax and feel at peace.I like the strict rules, it helped me pay respect. It helped me listen well, it helped me express and pray.It helped meContinue reading “Help yourself heal”