Learn from your shames

There is something I am so scared of being and that is, being embarrassed. In the past, I would do everything in my power just to avoid embarrassing situations; but it’s taking away my freedom. Right now, I’m going to change that approach. I wanted to just accept the fact that it happened and IContinue reading “Learn from your shames”

Why pursue the things that scares you

Big things are scary, it always will be; yet behind that feeling is a big dream waiting for you; all you have to do is take that first step, be there and be present. Easy pissy, but the thought of change is overwhelming and yet it’s the only way to move forward. Yes, I wasContinue reading “Why pursue the things that scares you”

How to handle anxieties by by believing in too good to be true

My anxieties became worst year 2015; with my first personal relationship. The thought of the future makes me feel anxious because I was a negative thinker. So I changed my thinking; everytime I think of the future, I only think of thinks that are too good to be true. I have decided that even ifContinue reading “How to handle anxieties by by believing in too good to be true”

Being needy will only attract disrespect

Being needy makes you feel weak. It will make you fall into the wrong persons that are also acting needy like you. So if you become your truest self, you will attract those people in your life; like real people who will actually be real to you. I used to act like someone who thinksContinue reading “Being needy will only attract disrespect”

Relax, and trust your instincts as well as the process

I was just a child, now I’m an adult. I never thought I would be engaging with the best people in the world. Sometimes, I feel like I couldn’t make it, but sometimes I feel like, “you know what, it’s just a feeling; let’s try it.” I had full of doubts, not of others butContinue reading “Relax, and trust your instincts as well as the process”

Secret to be happy at work

Right now, I’m at Kadaugan sa Mactan. I’m waiting for my Manufriends, I missed them already. It’s been a month since I left the company. We will be watching the #sadsad as a celebration for the kadaugan, but it’s also a contest at the same time. There will be prizes for the winners which makesContinue reading “Secret to be happy at work”

The Power of saying “NO” and how Patience Helps

Earlier today, I am the street going to Manunggal; waiting for a Vhire that will take me to Cebu City. While waiting, a tricycle driver ask if he can bring me to the nearest terminal where I can surely get a ride going home. I clearly said “NO I’ll just wait for a Vhire thatContinue reading “The Power of saying “NO” and how Patience Helps”

Conquering fears, wearing 2-piece at Crab Island

Did you know? There’s an island in Maribago, just minutes away from Jpark Place. It’s not yet fully developed as of the moment, so it was for free. Yesterday morning, I was recording while walking and talking about conquering my fears and wanting to really wear 2-piece, since I’m almost 30 and haven’t really wornContinue reading “Conquering fears, wearing 2-piece at Crab Island”

Museum Archdiocese In Cebu, unexpected visit

Another unplanned adventure initiated by my gym buddies. I went back to give time to them, because I had to do some change in my career. It was put on hold for awhile and then, one day, I decided to join them again to treat them lunch! There’s always someone who likes giving back everytimeContinue reading “Museum Archdiocese In Cebu, unexpected visit”

Unplanned escapade, end up staying overnight in Mountain View, Cebu

Hey look at this! Yes! That’s in Busay. That’s the view at night! I’m so happy to share that another bucket list has been crossed out in my mind. I had it in there all the time! I always wanted to stay overnight in that mountain view, to see the city lights and my friends,Continue reading “Unplanned escapade, end up staying overnight in Mountain View, Cebu”