Living a life easy: Trusting You

“You” the real you, not what you think you are, knows best. She can see better than you know, and it’s not a joke coz it’s true. How many times you end up saying, “I knew it!” Trust yourself, this time, it’s not a coincidence, it’s destiny. Allow it to happen; give yourself a chanceContinue reading “Living a life easy: Trusting You”

I’d rather be

I’d rather be a clown woman than a dead one. I’d rather be laughed at than be mourned at. I’d rather be visible than being invisible. I’d rather be recognized than being unrecognized. I’d rather have success than failures. I’d rather be your friend than your enemy. I’d rather be happy than being sad. I’dContinue reading “I’d rather be”


Soon as this pandemic ends, I am telling you myself, I will bring you to places you haven’t been before. A real lesson has come into the surface, life is too short to be lived inside your dramatic little brain. There’s a whole big world out there waiting for you to dance with them. Friends,Continue reading “Outside”

It’s When

When you disconnect, you reconnect.When you slowdown, you become more productive.Lost it and you’ll find it.When you stop breathing, you can breath.When you relax, you become more successful.When you stop worrying, you’re healing.When you stop thinking, answers and ideas will show-up.It’s when you don’t care that they will start caring about themselves.It’s when you listenContinue reading “It’s When”


Emotions, storms, sunrising, happy days, all of these are the same.Though it may not look same exactly as it appears.Yes, it’s just the same.It’s value doesn’t change.The only difference there is, if your thought is connected to the source or you’ve separated from it. Maybe if there’s a way to unwrap them, taking away theContinue reading “Practicality”