Soon as this pandemic ends, I am telling you myself, I will bring you to places you haven’t been before. A real lesson has come into the surface, life is too short to be lived inside your dramatic little brain. There’s a whole big world out there waiting for you to dance with them. Friends,Continue reading “Outside”

Beyond limits

Keep going, you’re almost there. Unless you’ve reach your limit, there’s always something next to something.If you will not keep going, you’ll surely miss the chance, you might even get stuck to a wrong thought.You think, it’s that it, you think it’s the end of it because that’s all you can see for now, butContinue reading “Beyond limits”

We can do it together

Fall not into that old thought that kept you down.Come out from there, think of doing something else.It won’t help it if you keep repeating the same thought pattern.Sometimes, you must decide to move on to the next topic even if that issue hasn’t been resolved yet.What if the solution to this occurring problem isContinue reading “We can do it together”

You did great

You did great today.Proud of you today.Although your shoulder blade hurts, you’re still smiling all the way.It’s okay if you’re irritated with our alarm clock.It is helping you wake up, you must shower because it will make you beautiful and feel good everyday.Hahahaha. I am laughing, it’s really funny.Even if you’re floating, can’t taste anything,Continue reading “You did great”