Allowing Effortless Relaxation

I just came back from my morning troll at the Millenium Park, my next schedule would be to go to church but I would insert this writing habit for a bit. I had this question in mind, “How can I allow myself to relax, to not tense, to calm down, with ease.” Now I gotContinue reading “Allowing Effortless Relaxation”

Getting out from my comfort zone #4: Trusting the process, swimming at Mountain View in Busay Cebu

I imagined it and I keep it in my beautiful mind. Char. “Someday I’ll see it grow. Someday, it will come to me. Someday, the right season will come and the right people will come. I will do what I can do for now.” That’s on top of my head and I let it beContinue reading “Getting out from my comfort zone #4: Trusting the process, swimming at Mountain View in Busay Cebu”

Why are you stopping yourself from going higher ?

You’re scared to be big. You’re scared to stand and be still. You’re scared to fall. I mean it’s everyone’s childhood fear. Oh look how high they are! They look so high because they’re not scared of heights, I’m referring to the most successful people in the world. They enjoyed high places. One day IContinue reading “Why are you stopping yourself from going higher ?”

Molded by experience

Here’s the message I got from someone who cares about you, misunderstood your kindness and your loving energies. Take only what resonates, have fun and enjoy the reading! You were running away from him in fear of any forbidden love, but your heart is too soft it’s open for everybody. You’re not planning of anything,Continue reading “Molded by experience”

Beyond limits

Keep going, you’re almost there. Unless you’ve reach your limit, there’s always something next to something.If you will not keep going, you’ll surely miss the chance, you might even get stuck to a wrong thought.You think, it’s that it, you think it’s the end of it because that’s all you can see for now, butContinue reading “Beyond limits”