Getting out from my comfort zone #4: Trusting the process, swimming at Mountain View in Busay Cebu

I imagined it and I keep it in my beautiful mind. Char. “Someday I’ll see it grow. Someday, it will come to me. Someday, the right season will come and the right people will come. I will do what I can do for now.” That’s on top of my head and I let it be until opportunity knocks on my door. I learned it from a book, I will link it here once I found it.

‘Twas a beautiful day everyone. I dreamed put it in my goal to wear a swimming wear just like that. So it happened.

Trusting the process really helped me a lot.”

Constantly reminding myself that everything I truly wanted in this world, as long as it is plausible, will be given to me, as long as I am trusting the process and doing it the right way. So another goal in mind got accomplished. There was deception, someone may destruct you on your way and give you a different option but it is up to you.

If you truly want what you want, you’ll find a way to get it and you will stand your ground. If you don’t get it, then you really don’t want it that badly or you’re just not decided yet, because a part of you deserves something better, something new, and something bigger.

So if it’s not happening yet, it’s because you choose it. If it’s a wrong choice it’s because you didn’t take action about it. You’re probably doubting yourself or you’re just not ready yet. If you think you are ready then it’s either you deserve something better, in that case you must take the next step. If you think you’re ready and still not doing anything, then you are doubting yourself, that’s why you’re stuck somewhere. All you have to do now, is to take that next step and once again trust the process, knowing that another step is waiting for you.

In my case, I finally was able to swim after a year of being quarantined. I had a hidden desire to get inside that swimming pool in Mountain View but too scared to inquire how much was the entrance, and besides I feel like I needed someone to agree with me those old times. But now, I realized that people wants to agree with you only if they trust you and they see you capable of doing something on your own, because some of them also depended in others who will agree with them.

If nobody wants to be with you, then be there for you.”

It’s the same pattern with this quote “if you want light, then be the light.” You just do it to others, but first do it to your self. Life is about self help. No one else will if not you, but you’re more than welcome to share to others, just prioritize youself because once again, if you lose it’s your lose, taking responsibility will only bring you more success, but blaming will keep you stuck in a wrong thought and wrong feeling, of course thought and feeling are like true love, when they matches, it creates something very powerful.

That reminds me of Jung kook. For sure his parents are true lovers. They created a beautiful, strong baby boy. But not just JK but the rest of the boys too. We can see the power of true love, the magic it creates. And it’s the same pattern with creating your dream house to come true. With the right thought and right feeling, when they matches the creation is unstoppable. Char.

So yeah, trust the process. It’s the feeling that you get that’s needed, that’s the reason why we must experience a lot of feelings to achieve that feeling that will match our thought. We go through a lot of feeling of failure until we get the feeling of success. That means, failure and success is up to you. You can always feel successful even if you have failed at some point. You are never a failure unless you feel it. Same with, you are never successful unless you feel it.

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