What’s Stopping You?

What’s stopping you, my fellow women? A question I saw, in Cebu, early this year. It hit me, because I already knew it’s fear. A goal that has no end, a destination awaits. If it’s the beginning, so is the end, so must I face. The torment of this power, really kept me. Stuck inContinue reading “What’s Stopping You?”

Dogs Really Bark, How To Deal With It

I heard a monk once said, “We have a dog like personality within us, we bark everytime we see something new.” Then I heard from Millionaires Saying I got from facebook that, “If you keep on barking everytime someone throws a stone at you, you will never reach your destination on time.” I guess that’sContinue reading “Dogs Really Bark, How To Deal With It”

Confront your fears with a smile

Fear has been my greatest enemy. It’s hard to believe but it’s the truth. It all came down to fear. Whatever reasons you have, why you hold back, you procrastinate, you refuse to let go of the negative people around you, why you choose not to forgive; all of those reasons are the product ofContinue reading “Confront your fears with a smile”

The effects of fear and why you must not trigger others nor yourself to fear

First thing first, a threat is not a friendly mechanism to make someone become productive and effective in what they do. Instead, it will put them into a fight or flight mode. It requires time to process of all of that fear and how to get back on your knees, because they recover and focusContinue reading “The effects of fear and why you must not trigger others nor yourself to fear”

Why are you stopping yourself from going higher ?

You’re scared to be big. You’re scared to stand and be still. You’re scared to fall. I mean it’s everyone’s childhood fear. Oh look how high they are! They look so high because they’re not scared of heights, I’m referring to the most successful people in the world. They enjoyed high places. One day IContinue reading “Why are you stopping yourself from going higher ?”