Dogs Really Bark, How To Deal With It

I heard a monk once said, “We have a dog like personality within us, we bark everytime we see something new.” Then I heard from Millionaires Saying I got from facebook that, “If you keep on barking everytime someone throws a stone at you, you will never reach your destination on time.”

I guess that’s what happened not only to me but to most of the fellas out there, maybe you’re one of us too, who knows, right? It’s the fear of being bitten, and everytime I think of people barking, I got tensed like wanted to fight it back like a dog. A dog for a dog eh? 😂

But I’m not a dog eh, not a total one, I still have it, everyone has it. We complain all the time, it’s normal, we just have to let it not stop us from doing what is best, right? Barking is really normal, it doesn’t mean you’ll get bitten immediately, it could be a sign of someone wanting an attention.

When I was young, I used to shout like really hard, or act angry so that I will be heard, dramatizing will take their attention and fearing them will make them attend to me. My mother’s like that too, I heard she’s into acting like going to suicide but she actually won’t. She’s just acting and she’s too smart to make the fools listen, but the smartest ignored her and became successful.

However, if we live in fear of others act, our emotions will get manipulated. Fear leads not into efficiency but of tension and when you’re not relax, you’re out of focus- because instead of relaxing, fear ask you to fight or flight. Do you know that quiting is easy? And fighting back is not a smart move if you’re just a pawn in a chess game?

So, no matter how much you want to fight or flight, stay relax and stay calm, like that storm we will also pass it by, just keep going and remained silent, relax and be mentally present. Take it as a challenge for your next adventure. Besides, there are more scary illusions you will encounter out from fear, but know that as long as it won’t kill you, “Keep going”.

If you will let it rattle you, if you will let it panic you, you’ll either stop or freeze or you will fly away. Remember, dogs really barks, it’s their choice. If you choose to keep moving forward, it will not haunt you anymore. They’re territorial, and they’re only listening to their owners. Do what you must do then move on and live your life.

I used to be dealing with dogs every single day 🙄. On my way to school for 5 years in a row, dogs waiting at the ally. Oh well, fear is always there and it’s really hard, I can still feel that right now, everytime it gets triggered. But I am good with it already, I believe they won’t really attack if your intention is good.

We were hiking going to Purisima Mountain View and we were barked by dogs on our way up. They were scared and they hid behind me, char 😂. Actually, don’t freeze nor show fear, because if you do, it will make the dog bark more. Remember, it’s not there to bite you, it’s there to fear you. They will only bite to protect themselves, so if you’re not a threat to them even if they’ll follow you around, keep going, they’ll stop following you once they’re done and you’re out of sight.

I heard Tae of BTS said something like, “Make them realize that your intention is good and you have no bad intention.” And JK of BTS once said, “Keep yourself Distant” Dogs bark if they feel like their territories are being invaded or if we cause a threat to their owners. Relax and wait for the owner to calm them down.

One thing I’m sure of, it’s not good to let our dog like personality to rule us, because if we do, we threatened and fear people and they’ll eventually stay away for good. If I’m a Sari Sari Store Owner, I’ll keep the good one in front not a wild because it will fear my customers away, eventually the good ones will run away too, only the bravest will remain, hope that they are best.

“Keep calm but keep going. Slowly but surely. No don’t run away, you’re asking them to bark you more. Stay relaxed and focused. Remember, they’re not real dogs, they’re just humans. It’s all in your mind.”

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