Back to you, self💗

I’m not sure what this is, but people ain’t have time for me, I’m happy because I finally have time for me. Life is an adventure, love is spice that makes it feel even more exciting. To go on your own is brave but to be with someone is the bravest. It felt unsafe toContinue reading “Back to you, self💗”

Dogs Really Bark, How To Deal With It

I heard a monk once said, “We have a dog like personality within us, we bark everytime we see something new.” Then I heard from Millionaires Saying I got from facebook that, “If you keep on barking everytime someone throws a stone at you, you will never reach your destination on time.” I guess that’sContinue reading “Dogs Really Bark, How To Deal With It”

Getting out from my Comfort zone #7: The best revenge is to relax and be happy

“The past is history, today is a gift, that’s why it’s called present.” Kungfu 🐼 Oh yeah, we cannot change the past but I can always change my reaction. If the man think I will be the same person again after treating me that way, he’s wrong. He’ll die first before he can disrespect meContinue reading “Getting out from my Comfort zone #7: The best revenge is to relax and be happy”

You can make it right🌹

Since my mother left us, I started feeling homeless and insecure, no safe home to come home, no food ready to eat, no one’s calling me to eat. It was the toughest time of my life. Yet, I never thought of quitting from school. Right now, I am cooking 🍳 for me. I am goingContinue reading “You can make it right🌹”

Beyond Known Limits

It’s a happy birthday to me today!Tomorrow, I am hoping to have a good day.I am happy to have seen the best out of me.Getting the courage to be myself, instead of fearing what others will think. In this church, I can rest, express my gratitude and my sorrows.Though it’s true that I may notContinue reading “Beyond Known Limits”

Social Distancing

Rested very well today, though mass was skipped today, I’ll do it Monday or maybe just inside home through online masses. Or maybe I just stay put at home and just listen to them preaching, because it’s still very dangerous to go out there.Even if you’re not infected and someone in that period is, weContinue reading “Social Distancing”

It ends with fire (see if it resonates)

Finally it has ended, finally they have ended. The chaos that they have started. Now I can finally see the real me. I can finally see the real them. I am Rosie, I am going to take charge. This is the real me. I am not going to deny me, I am going to embraceContinue reading “It ends with fire (see if it resonates)”