Knowing your Self Worth

Representing the young, still searching for approval; it’s okay, take it professionally. Know that you are worthy already; you just have to mind your own business. Care not much of their future success because it’s not yours; but still support, that’s the right thing to do. When others couldn’t see potential in you, and youContinue reading “Knowing your Self Worth”

Comparison vs Self Acceptance and Self Love + Self Support

Disapproval hurts, but you can mend it. It can break your self esteem or it can make you a record breaker. Just like how Suga Parents disapproval of his interest in music. But look at them now, breaking records after records. So disapproval isn’t really a hindrance to your success. It is your choice thatContinue reading “Comparison vs Self Acceptance and Self Love + Self Support”

You can make it right🌹

Since my mother left us, I started feeling homeless and insecure, no safe home to come home, no food ready to eat, no one’s calling me to eat. It was the toughest time of my life. Yet, I never thought of quitting from school. Right now, I am cooking 🍳 for me. I am goingContinue reading “You can make it right🌹”