You can make it right🌹

Since my mother left us, I started feeling homeless and insecure, no safe home to come home, no food ready to eat, no one’s calling me to eat. It was the toughest time of my life. Yet, I never thought of quitting from school. Right now, I am cooking 🍳 for me. I am goingContinue reading “You can make it right🌹”

Why giving back is a good thing?

Well, it’s not because you are being petied before, but because you are thankful and grateful that you achieved milestones. Giving back doesn’t make you the least, instead it makes you the best; it’s the act of self acceptance, acknowledging yourself with so much gratitude that you have achieved this and that because you areContinue reading “Why giving back is a good thing?”

Growing up, Giving Back

Though it seems like it’s not moving, if you move closer you’ll see how far she have come from.The travels she had, the places she visited is coming out of the surface.The experiences that she had, all those amazing memories she gave herself just to be different from the labels she kept on hearing; noisanceContinue reading “Growing up, Giving Back”

Knowing Your What

Hiding like a thief, running away from the crowd, afraid of being seen.But it’s not because you’re a sinner, you just want some peace.You know the difference between two people who have done the same thing but the other gain something?It’s not what you do and how you do it, the truth is that we’veContinue reading “Knowing Your What”