Learn from your shames

There is something I am so scared of being and that is, being embarrassed. In the past, I would do everything in my power just to avoid embarrassing situations; but it’s taking away my freedom. Right now, I’m going to change that approach. I wanted to just accept the fact that it happened and IContinue reading “Learn from your shames”

Why pursue the things that scares you

Big things are scary, it always will be; yet behind that feeling is a big dream waiting for you; all you have to do is take that first step, be there and be present. Easy pissy, but the thought of change is overwhelming and yet it’s the only way to move forward. Yes, I wasContinue reading “Why pursue the things that scares you”

Why taking revenge is a waste of time; let go of your ego

Okay, we all have problems in life; we feel betrayed, we feel abandoned, we feel manipulated, we feel used; we’re blamed, we’re in pain; we made mistakes. And when ego comes in, you just can’t accept why they did it to us; but you know what? Sometimes, it’s not because of us; most of theContinue reading “Why taking revenge is a waste of time; let go of your ego”

Adventure is best the 2nd time around, at Mt. Manunggal

Two years ago, I have finally visited Mt. Manunggal. Two years after, I came back to camp and to visit the rock formation. It’s always in my heart, to be back there and we finally did it, April 9, 2023; with a couple. I always feel happy whenever I am surrounded by lovers. Now IContinue reading “Adventure is best the 2nd time around, at Mt. Manunggal”

Learn to love pain until it’s no longer affecting you

Emotional pain? It’s making people go angry, crazy and make bad decisions; like hurting people and of course avoiding anything that triggers it. It puts you to fear and anxiety. All kinds of emotions gets triggered when you’re in pain; you just can’t understand. Like love, it can’t be understood, you just knew it existed.Continue reading “Learn to love pain until it’s no longer affecting you”

Knowing your deepest want, saves money and time

If you really wanted it, you won’t find excuses; you will do it right away, the situation doesn’t matter. But if you don’t really want it, you’ll have lots of excuses, delays, etc. I confessed to a friend, that I liked him and that I’m actually so connected with him. I asked if he everContinue reading “Knowing your deepest want, saves money and time”

Conquering fears, wearing 2-piece at Crab Island

Did you know? There’s an island in Maribago, just minutes away from Jpark Place. It’s not yet fully developed as of the moment, so it was for free. Yesterday morning, I was recording while walking and talking about conquering my fears and wanting to really wear 2-piece, since I’m almost 30 and haven’t really wornContinue reading “Conquering fears, wearing 2-piece at Crab Island”

This thing makes people stuck and it’s not lack of knowledge

It’s indecision. We’re stuck because we’re undecided; even if we already knew that it’s a “YES” we still can’t say it. We already knew, but we did not see it. Or even if we already see it, we just didn’t trust ourselves. A friend of mine, told me to just say “YES”. Yes, I can!Continue reading “This thing makes people stuck and it’s not lack of knowledge”

Overthinking is not good, here’s why.

I was in grade 5 when I started to walk on my own for hours, going to school. I noticed that everytime I am already under those trees, I’d ran because of those scary thoughts. Thoughts like, there’s a monster showing up soon, because that’s what other’s story tells. It’s funny that I’d ran withoutContinue reading “Overthinking is not good, here’s why.”

Be open for change, life is about it

This year, I’m going to become 30 years older. I am proud to be one. I accept that I am older and getting prettier 😜. I’m just old enough to show some skin; to become the person I always wanted to be, because I’m already thirty. I’m no longer too young to be scared ofContinue reading “Be open for change, life is about it”