Do what you know now or lost in time

I had a very good conversation with someone special to me; he shared how he gets upset with his game. He lost on time, when he could have won it in three steps, or shall we say, as easy as 1,2,3. He didn’t see it, but when he review; he saw where he messed up.Continue reading “Do what you know now or lost in time”

Always in my mind

I have been thinking of buying this book but for some reasons I am delaying it. Always in my mind, now it’s mine. Life is a beautiful mystery, full of wants and needs. It needs motivation just like how plants needs water in order to grow. The Universe have been so kind to me thatContinue reading “Always in my mind”

Too much time left by RMI

Too much time, all goes to waste; all the time left, goes to waste. We’re so limited, fear limits our thought, becomes limited. What if I’ll let go of my safety net and just do what make me well. Have so much time all goes to waste, maybe I should go back to school. ButContinue reading “Too much time left by RMI”