Your Time versus the Clock Time

Okay, I learned a very important lesson on my first day of my free-diving lesson. It is about your body clock versus the “time” we call it, but it’s not really the real time, it’s just a clock, a measuring device, to calculate and measure your speed, your endurance; just like how many hours doesContinue reading “Your Time versus the Clock Time”

Too much time left by RMI

Too much time, all goes to waste; all the time left, goes to waste. We’re so limited, fear limits our thought, becomes limited. What if I’ll let go of my safety net and just do what make me well. Have so much time all goes to waste, maybe I should go back to school. ButContinue reading “Too much time left by RMI”

White Mansion Cakes Visit – Getting out from my Comfort Zone #9

I’m on leave today, so I can write this beautiful experience. I kept on attempting to visit that place but it still doesn’t feel right, until one day she finally decided to go on her own! Viola 🥳 Such a good girl! Going there took only minutes from ICM- Island Central Mall in Pusok Lapu-LapuContinue reading “White Mansion Cakes Visit – Getting out from my Comfort Zone #9”


You cannot stop, cannot be stopped.Up to you, your choice.Unstoppable, you must accept it.The only choice you have.Use it or waste it. Time is amazing, it’s a blessing.Not an enemy.There’s a beautiful melody.Should I dance with it.Should you just let it go without dancing without dancing with the flow. Time is beautiful, it’s so funnyContinue reading “Time”