Your Time versus the Clock Time

Okay, I learned a very important lesson on my first day of my free-diving lesson. It is about your body clock versus the “time” we call it, but it’s not really the real time, it’s just a clock, a measuring device, to calculate and measure your speed, your endurance; just like how many hours does it take before we will be able to see the sun again.

The real time, is the one you make for yourself. Your own breathing, is very important. It is your natural clock that controls everything, the way you move, the way you talk, everything. So don’t get pressured by the ticking of the clock, learn according to your own time. You can control your time through breathing. This is very important, not to confuse your own time from the clock that you can’t control.

If you let the pressure of the clock’s time, you will loose your own control of your own time. Don’t let the clock controls you, it is just a device. Take control, by listening to your own heart beating, your own pulse rate and your own breathing (of course). Let it measure you, but don’t let the clock pressure you. Follow your own time, set it, and then follow it. You and me, we are time machines.

The moment you feel the pressure of the clock, check your breathing, and adjust according to what is necessary. Most of the time, all you need is to relax and let yourself do the work. Stop dictating because she knows what to do, but that pressure to impress really distracts. We need motivation, we need someone motivating us, not dictating us.

So from now on, take clock time as a device that reminds us of the schedules that we set for ourselves. It’s not useful without us setting how it should work for us. That clock creates an illusion, but it’s not your time, it is the clocks time. Your time is your body time.

Alright, self-realized lesson shared. This is what I like about trying new things, it does not only build your resiliency but also discover something new.

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