Unstoppable Time

“Move closer to see things clearly, stay distant if you want to stay new to somebody. There is plenty of time, now it’s up to you.” Blurry version using VIVO phone. Similar Product. #Paidad

Time is always here and there, it’s not running away.
It’s wrong to say there’s no time for me.
There’s plenty of time, you just have to take it and use it.
Even if you feel like time is all empty, you’re wrong, you have to wake up and look at time in that clock.

So be happy with it, there’s more time, and it’s not gonna end, it’s always there.
Even of you stop, time keeps going.
Either you missed it or you’ll make use of it and be productive.
Either you’ll let it pass you or you’ll beat with it.
Either you’ll rest for a while and you jump with this current time.
Either we jump in the past time or we jump forward, really up to us.

Take that risk my dear, it’s better to dance with time than be left behind.
It’s better to dance with the tune than move beforehand.
Like singing, you sing with that beating, you just don’t shout without direction.
You master it and you’re good to dance with it.

Though delays is just in the beginning.
If you cannot drive with them, take time to learn from them, but make sure you are learning and progressing, not just a puppet who kept on following.
So do not hide from them, they’ll think you’re not eager to learn.

The enthusiastic and interested are willing to learn.
They’ll eat failures, stress, depression and even shame, because they knew they deserve to learn that way, and there’s no other excellent way of learning but through experience.

Published by mina

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