Do what you know now or lost in time

I had a very good conversation with someone special to me; he shared how he gets upset with his game. He lost on time, when he could have won it in three steps, or shall we say, as easy as 1,2,3.

He didn’t see it, but when he review; he saw where he messed up. You see, these are all patterns, I hear from successful people. There are things that are too good to be true. Your gut feeling says that “This is it!” Pause a bit and think even if you cannot see it, because you know “This is it.” Listen, look around and trust your instincts.

Here, let me tell you another story:

This is about my relationship, it was very clear that the relationship is temporary and yet, I took the risk and stayed because of fear of being wrong. At the back of my mind, it says, “What if, he’s the one.” So I stayed, and still hoping that he is the one.

But you know what, when I finally found the courage to see things differently, to trust my instincts and just move on; accepted what it is; I never looked back. But I have already lost in time.

There are things that we kept on allowing even if we already knew it’s not good anymore. We know we’re losing in the end, but we kept on pushing. Still hoping even if it’s clear that we’re losing.

Surrender, in order to start again. Celebrate, acknowledge and accept what is; if you know something, do it now! Don’t waste time! Don’t waste anything or anybody. Just don’t delay. Ask away!

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Hi! I'm Roselyn! Username: irose PayPal (In case you wanna sponsor me I am a life warrior. I have been through shit, running away from my bliss. But I guess, I've had enough that I want to just be myself. *My mother dreamt of something great; I think I am doing it, this time!⛄

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