How to handle anxieties by by believing in too good to be true

My anxieties became worst year 2015; with my first personal relationship. The thought of the future makes me feel anxious because I was a negative thinker. So I changed my thinking; everytime I think of the future, I only think of thinks that are too good to be true. I have decided that even ifContinue reading “How to handle anxieties by by believing in too good to be true”

Lessons I learned from observing the trees

I am always in a stopping myself mode, instead of allowing myself to be me. It felt like I am stuck in a place where nobody’s around, just me; nowhere to go, just stuck. It’s like a trauma, yes it is! It felt like a tree. Sometimes, when I am alone, I will find somethingContinue reading “Lessons I learned from observing the trees”

Why taking revenge is a waste of time; let go of your ego

Okay, we all have problems in life; we feel betrayed, we feel abandoned, we feel manipulated, we feel used; we’re blamed, we’re in pain; we made mistakes. And when ego comes in, you just can’t accept why they did it to us; but you know what? Sometimes, it’s not because of us; most of theContinue reading “Why taking revenge is a waste of time; let go of your ego”

Learn to love pain until it’s no longer affecting you

Emotional pain? It’s making people go angry, crazy and make bad decisions; like hurting people and of course avoiding anything that triggers it. It puts you to fear and anxiety. All kinds of emotions gets triggered when you’re in pain; you just can’t understand. Like love, it can’t be understood, you just knew it existed.Continue reading “Learn to love pain until it’s no longer affecting you”

Knowing your deepest want, saves money and time

If you really wanted it, you won’t find excuses; you will do it right away, the situation doesn’t matter. But if you don’t really want it, you’ll have lots of excuses, delays, etc. I confessed to a friend, that I liked him and that I’m actually so connected with him. I asked if he everContinue reading “Knowing your deepest want, saves money and time”

Good things happened today! I forgot my wallet.

I am so thankful and grateful to have met such an awesome teammates/workmates. I was in a hurry, and have forgotten my wallet. I realized it later soon as I got in the cab. My TL offered me; she’s going to pay for my jeepney ride. Guess on my way back, I got treated twiceContinue reading “Good things happened today! I forgot my wallet.”

Overthinking is not good, here’s why.

I was in grade 5 when I started to walk on my own for hours, going to school. I noticed that everytime I am already under those trees, I’d ran because of those scary thoughts. Thoughts like, there’s a monster showing up soon, because that’s what other’s story tells. It’s funny that I’d ran withoutContinue reading “Overthinking is not good, here’s why.”

Be open for change, life is about it

This year, I’m going to become 30 years older. I am proud to be one. I accept that I am older and getting prettier 😜. I’m just old enough to show some skin; to become the person I always wanted to be, because I’m already thirty. I’m no longer too young to be scared ofContinue reading “Be open for change, life is about it”

How’s your excercise experiences? Why not keep going?

Today, I jogged with a friend. Thankful to finally have a jogging buddy. I hope it’s going to last longer. Last week, I joined and became a member of “Alt Gym” for a month. I am thinking to keep on going, as long as I can afford it. Exercising is kinda fun. It keeps youContinue reading “How’s your excercise experiences? Why not keep going?”

It’s emotional pain; that’s what you’re most afraid of

Well, here’s the answer to our problem, “Feel it!” Process it, then let go of who’s causing it. The right people cares about your emotional problems; they’re careful not to trigger it. The wrong people will judge you, laugh at you, create gossips about you, and of course wait for you to breakdown in shame,Continue reading “It’s emotional pain; that’s what you’re most afraid of”