Knowing your Self Worth

Representing the young, still searching for approval; it’s okay, take it professionally. Know that you are worthy already; you just have to mind your own business. Care not much of their future success because it’s not yours; but still support, that’s the right thing to do. When others couldn’t see potential in you, and youContinue reading “Knowing your Self Worth”

Overcoming My Anxiety Disorder

I’m well aware of my social anxieties and I did something to conquer it. I remember how scared I was to be gossiped about that I stopped myself from expressing. It was horrifying that I got disgusted overtime. I had to do something. I started with writing a book in which I tried being authentic.Continue reading “Overcoming My Anxiety Disorder”

Try Smiling Meditation, it’s funny

I had this idea awhile back? But I procrastinated because it sounds so weird and crazy that I didn’t even try. But then I realized that being crazily funny is actually healthy than being crazily aggressive. So if it makes you laugh genuinely, like it’s the funniest thing in the world, simply do it. IContinue reading “Try Smiling Meditation, it’s funny”

I found the love 💕

It is when you’re not thinking, and just feeling; yet it makes you smile, happy and contented. It is healing, it is loving, it is kind, it is friendly; and most importantly, it is gentle and understanding. It’s when you allow love to come to you, that it will. It is when you do notContinue reading “I found the love 💕”

Compete to have fun, collaborate to grow

I have been thinking, why not write a topic regarding this thought. It keeps on repeating and I like to dig deeper, learn more and understand its greatness. “Compete to have fun, collaborate to grow” is a goal that I’d like to see. I think that when you are in a group of people, whetherContinue reading “Compete to have fun, collaborate to grow”

It all make sense now

Life could have been a doomed black-hole, without music it doesn’t make sense. When I see it’s all connected, I got goosebumps, it took away my guilt; it isn’t all my fault, I just need tuning. Without music, life was all the same; black and while like it’s nothing;when you started playing, colors gets in.Continue reading “It all make sense now”