Real dating relationships doesn’t happen online; but business relationships does.

I have tried in the past, yet none of them seems real in reality. It was all just a fantasy, created by my own mind. We met, then fantasy ends. It’s not what you expected. All there was, was for fun, a waste of time. The real getting to know each other starts, the dayContinue reading “Real dating relationships doesn’t happen online; but business relationships does.”

Pursue what you want

People will discourage you, say bad things about your wants; do something wrong for you to quit. But if you really know what you want, and you know your goals in life, it won’t matter. If your desire/want is stronger than the storm, you will always win, no matter what and no matter how longContinue reading “Pursue what you want”

You knew it by RMI

My username is RMI.. You knew it from the start, it’s not working out. You just want to see me, but it’s not me in there. You hoped it’s me, but you’re being with someone else. You think I didn’t know, I know you’re just faking it. Oh you can’t stay longer, I want youContinue reading “You knew it by RMI”

Living a life easy: Trusting You

“You” the real you, not what you think you are, knows best. She can see better than you know, and it’s not a joke coz it’s true. How many times you end up saying, “I knew it!” Trust yourself, this time, it’s not a coincidence, it’s destiny. Allow it to happen; give yourself a chanceContinue reading “Living a life easy: Trusting You”


Seeing the difference is quite a challenge. Like for example, what’s the difference between someone who is real to you from someone who is just camouflaging. In front of you, she agrees like super agree, no need to argue. Acting like a supporter, who agrees all your words, bad or good. But behind your backContinue reading “Camouflage”


It’s easy to say, “Just Relax”, but making it happened is almost impossible to start with. What if there’s something you must do in order to be in your relax mode of being? Of course there is! The word relax is too broad for me, that’s why I created my own meaning of relax. RContinue reading “Well-Being”


Stressing, worrying, got me nothing.Overthinking as if I’m something.Then realizing I am worthy of something worth my worth, then I did that instead.Now I am happy maintaining the greatness in me.The beauty of nature that inspires me.Creativity of the stars that lift me.Though we’re far away, our hearts never forgets.Love travels beyond borders, unseen cannotContinue reading “Awakening”