Real dating relationships doesn’t happen online; but business relationships does.

I have tried in the past, yet none of them seems real in reality. It was all just a fantasy, created by my own mind.

We met, then fantasy ends. It’s not what you expected. All there was, was for fun, a waste of time. The real getting to know each other starts, the day you’ve met.

To wake up from ones dream sucks. I almost couldn’t accept, but with his help, I let go and moved on. Then, I met someone, real, in person.

Online attachments, isn’t real. Even if it’s recorded, it’s still not. Although, business relationships are. Business relationships are real mental, that’s how social media works/internet works.

But if you want real relationships, look around you. From business relationships to real friends relationships; it’s legit, specially if it’s work relationships.

My emotions saved me from bullshit activity, again. I am human, I returned back to me, after my birthday. Now, I am fine. I can feel the shame, but it’s okay now. Please self, stay in the moment.

Lessons I learned about online dating:

  1. It’s not real.
  2. Never, ever, trust someone you haven’t met, except if it’s a legit relationship.
  3. The only time, a relationship is real or a friendship is real, is if you are personally talking.

If there’s no personal interaction, then we’re not really friends; I accept, what is. It’s glad that now I see the difference.

For the last three months, I was unconscious with someone; later on, I woke up, realized “Oh, we’re not close at all”, yet, we knew each other.

I am happy, to be me. To be real, is a choice. To accept the truth, is brave. To have fun, with awareness; I accept reality.

The power of now, sets me free.

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