Living a life easy: Trusting You

“You” the real you, not what you think you are, knows best. She can see better than you know, and it’s not a joke coz it’s true. How many times you end up saying, “I knew it!” Trust yourself, this time, it’s not a coincidence, it’s destiny. Allow it to happen; give yourself a chanceContinue reading “Living a life easy: Trusting You”

Trusting the unknown with Gratitude

It was a long weekend. I’m so thankful and grateful that I spent most of the time outside, hiking, running, going to church, etc. Hiking though makes it longer, it felt amazing. It’s definitely different from those weekends I just spent at home not doing anything cool but watching movies, eating cooking etc. I discovered,Continue reading “Trusting the unknown with Gratitude”

Walk your barking self

Oh it’s December 6th already! Time flies so quickly, we will start celebrating Christmas. We will stand and walk towards our next destination. Next year is coming and we must start writing our plans and goals ahead before we’re getting so busy sleeping on it. We must do it now before we’re getting so caughtContinue reading “Walk your barking self”