Live Now now, Tomorrow May Not Come

Today, we’re discussing about investing for the future, but we agreed that we must invest more for today because tomorrow will not come without now, it’s a process dude! Today is the most important day of your life, be here, live, love, laugh, thank, and do not procrastinate doing the things you can, hehe, IContinue reading “Live Now now, Tomorrow May Not Come”

Message from your true self: How to stop running away Part 1

Hi I like to channel messages in general, applicable to all… I feel like I have a gift worth sharing.. Others might be able to relate to it so why not? Right? “I forgive you!” Stop running away from me. I know you’re in denial. I know that you know how good I am butContinue reading “Message from your true self: How to stop running away Part 1”

How to be yourself

“Do unto you what you want others to do unto you.” – Roselyn Mina Oh I am claiming that. It worked for me and I am always happy every time I take action. I have everything I want to recieve. Manifestation time! It’s true, if I want appreciation, I appreciate myself! There’s no other unconditionalContinue reading “How to be yourself”

Walk your barking self

Oh it’s December 6th already! Time flies so quickly, we will start celebrating Christmas. We will stand and walk towards our next destination. Next year is coming and we must start writing our plans and goals ahead before we’re getting so busy sleeping on it. We must do it now before we’re getting so caughtContinue reading “Walk your barking self”

Releasing selfish love

If it’s not meant for you, nor you’re allowed to do, release it, others can do it.If it’s over, then why worry if it will stay no matter how hard you try changing its status it will still stay, because you’re not meant to change it, you’re meant to release it.What’s in it to workContinue reading “Releasing selfish love”