Releasing selfish love

“Sit, walk, run; Alone. It’s okay, you’re with your self now. It’s definitely where you must be. Anything added to you is a gift for you to treasure and take care of but definitely not yours to keep. All you can do is allow and welcome them when they needed an arm to lean on. Go on with your life, you have your own self to nurture.” Photo taken using Vivo Phone. Similar Product. #Paidad

If it’s not meant for you, nor you’re allowed to do, release it, others can do it.
If it’s over, then why worry if it will stay no matter how hard you try changing its status it will still stay, because you’re not meant to change it, you’re meant to release it.
What’s in it to work on if it’s over.
You’ve worked on it, you’ve tried it, but you can’t change its status from being who he is meant to be.
Release it, even if it will no longer come back to you, at least it will be received to the right recipient who knows how to work on it.

If someone have worked on it but it stays in your place, still release it, you have not done anything to the man, he deserves to be returned back to her woman.
And if it’s a woman, then release it back to her man.
This world is meant to be kind to everyone.
Even if you’re not used to being it, eventually you will become.
Because there’s also someone who is meant for you that’s up to you.

There’s someone out there, maybe this is already in a movie, but if you’re a woman, there’s always another woman out there who’s in charge of your man.
That whatever you do to your current partner she will do the same to your man.
While I choose to protect them, now I am tired of it.
I will choose myself now, build my own empire and keep myself open.
Up to the man if he will come to me or not.
If someone else’s will and it’s not him, I already knew it’s just a waste of time.

It’s hard to protect someone when you’re within a different relationship so better be single, don’t even try to settle down if it’s not the right man.
Take care of this man, hoping that some nice woman like you will take care of the man that’s meant for you.
But then again, if someone already owned it, just release it.
If there’s no work to be done, then why keep it?
Take that courage to release the right things.
Lock only if you’re not yet finished.
But when you’re done, just let it go already!
“What else you want from me?”

The truth is that, you belong to no one, but to the lord Jesus who deserves your best self. Then maybe the right one will come to you after strengthening your relationship with the lord Jesus. So that, when life brings you down, you know you won’t be alone even if you have to release them, you have the lord Jesus willing to guide you on how to lift your self up.

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