How to forgive and become better

“Be kind, give your forgiveness, it’s not yours to keep. That ocean doesn’t complain when it rains, because she knew that garbages will just pass her by. Nothing is permanent, everything is temporary. So if you wish to live in the moment, let yourself let go of yesterday to give room for now and tomorrow.” View from the Millinenium Park. Took that using Vivo Phone. Similar Product. #paidad.

Be kind to those who are bitter to you.
Be kind to those who are jealous of you.
Be kind to those who have hurt you and abuse you.
Be kind to those who have been bullying you.
Be kind to those who have judged you.
Be kind to those who wish harm upon you.
Be kind to those who are faking you and disrespecting you.

I am challenging you, char.
You will grow out from it.
Your courage will be strengthened.
Your value will be maximized.
Your ability to forgive will be effortless.
Your ability to acknowledge shit will be natural.
You will be a master in releasing grudges.
Vain will no longer harm you with stress.
Your heart will be at peace.

All things comes easy to you, because you have mastered to calm down that storm within you.
You are stronger than a tsunami that rift off cities.
Like a mynah bird, you’ll sing like somebody who sang it beautifully.
It will become easy for you to lift up others because you know that by lifting them up sincerely, you’re also lifting yourself up triple times the measure you use in lifting up someone who really needed your attendance.

Keep spreading good news, and amazing upliftment.
As you write it down, you’re also relearning that same value that worked for you.
Like the leaders said, specially Sir Jim of Kwik Brain said, “The best way to learn is to teach it.”
Keep sharing it, be kind to anyone who will go against what’s yours.
If they don’t like it, advise them to write down their own personal belief, hoping that it will come out way better than what’s already yours.
Cheer them up, when it happens, at least it doesn’t go the other way.
You’re still on the same page with your baby.

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